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Pittsburgh Pirates Futility?

Honestly, I don't care if youre a Pirates fan or not, but how many years do you think it's going to take for the Buccos to make it to the playoffs? With a beautiful stadium, it would be an amazing place to watch a playoff baseball game!

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    The Pirates futility will continue until the manager and coaches put their heads together and work it out. The Pirates have had some wonderful pitching prospects that with the right coaching would turn heads. Oliver Perez, Zack Duke, Ian Snell, Matt Capps, Joe Beimel and the list goes on. If the pitching coaches could have kept these young arms consistent and together the Pirates would be much better now. They've always managed to have just enough hitting to keep them in games until they trade it away but their pitching has dissolved every season. They are like the Rays of a few years ago they now have the outstanding prospect Alvarez like the Rays have Longoria, they just need a one pitching coach to put the rotation and bullpen together and they could see good things in the future, just like the Rays. The Rays gelling should give the Pirates hope they just need the right coaches to mesh it into something special.

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    Pittsburgh has had some poor luck over the years with participant progression, and has for that reason settled into final place in between the constantly worst divisions in baseball. regrettably for Pirates' followers, this vogue is in all probability to proceed as Pittsburgh is the suited occasion of a small industry franchise that may no longer able to sign or renounce the gamers they could compete for the branch or perhaps the wild card.

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    The problem is ownership, as long as nothing changes there, it'll continue. The organization has already demonstrated that they can produce the players, but he just won't keep them.

    When, and if, that changes, they win!!

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    Whenever the organization decides to give their young players better salarys and hold onto them longer. I wonder how long McClouth is going to be there.

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    if the mgt. doesn't screw it up>

    Source(s): Life long Bucco fan!
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