Vince Destroying The Wall Of Kayfabe:Your Opinion?

I mean wrestling had been real in the start when nothing is on in TV and people had been bored with the same boxing matches.

When wrestling arrived it could had been for 7 hours without leaving the mat and the fans are bored.

Promoters had tried everything to make it more exciting but one promoter named Toots Mondt invented time limits and flashy moves like the supplex and drop kick are invented.

It eventually led into wrestling being scripted.

As it is scripted it caused a lot of controversy as one wrestler would be inducted to join in the Olympics.

As he's an actor it led to people doubting wrestling is fake.

It is the first strike at the wall.

As we come to the next half of the 1900s when NWA probably was the WWE.

Wrestling fans took it too seriously throwing hazardous things in the ring stabbing the heels because they just beat up their heros and a lot more.

It is really dangerous for the top heels like Roddy Piper or Freddie Blassie to come out in the street without getting beaten up or getting rocks or trash thrown at them.

It was a 50-50 chance to be a successful heel without being in danger with yourself and importantly your body.

The famous Vince McMahon had a vision of wrestling where wrestling would be involved with Hollywood and the music industry.

That led to the "Rock N' Wrestling Connection" when Cyndi Lauper and Mr.T appeared which caused a huge impact to believing that wrestling is scripted and fake.

That era had launched a huge strike on the wall.

With the death of The Von Erichs it led to the fans thinking wrestling is fake and the physique are just caused by drugs.

And Hulk Hogan and other wrestlers confessing for taking drugs Vince just had to reveal to the world that it is scripted.

With The Montreal Screwjob and the Curtain Call it made that statement true.

And with the release of On The Mat it made the fans believe about what happens backstage.

And now we are here in the present where WWE changed everything wrestling used to be calling it Entertainment and the wrestlers need to work extra hard for the fans to be entertained.

Wrestlers would do stunts to keep their jobs and would still take steroids to keep their fans satisfied.

Because of the internet the happenings backstage are exposed with ONE click away.

So my question is:

Do you think it is right for Vince to expose the true wrestling world or he's just protecting his wrestlers from harm???



Erran R all I am saying is that wouldn't it be better if you really thought that Jeff really landed on Orton not just some soft mats or the matches are not pre-determined??

And Donovan T I am saying is that when all those other wrestling personalities were talking about it Vince was really the one who broke it.

When people that you mentioned were mentioning about it it didn't affect anything and the fans would still think it's real but when Vince did it it made the fans open their eyes in the wrestling world.

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    Vince destroyed kayfabe to protect his wrestlers from harm (the stabbings, etc. that you mentioned). If you haven't yet read Superstar Billy Graham's autobiography I recommend that you do. It's a fascinating book and Billy does talk about Vince destroying kayfabe to protect his wrestlers.

    The other reason was to make pro wrestling acceptable to mainstream society. He couldn't do that with fat, ugly, roughhousers. So he replaced them with the much better-looking bodybuilder types and women with big boobs, big hair, and pretty faces. And by admitting that it is all an act, he can market his employees as "entertainers", not "fighters". He can get them jobs as movie actors, singers, TV award show hosts, and other forms of entertainment.

    Everybody now knows that the WWE is as "fake" as Hollywood, and their "wrestlers" are just actors with big muscles pretending to fight to a script that a team of writers came up with. Just like a Hollywood movie set.

    Do I think Vince was right in destroying kayfabe? No. In the past, everybody wondered if wrestling was "real"; now, there is no doubt. No WWE wrestler is taken seriously, and VERY few of them are respected by the fans. Every WWE wrestler is criticized to death and very few are ever praised for anything they do, in and out of wrestling.

    By destroying kayfabe to protect his wrestlers and get them accepted into the mainstream, he sacrificed their credibility. Now they're just a bunch of actors with big muscles pretending to fight. And they don't get the respect that real actors get. Nor do they get the respect that "real" athletes get.

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    Dragon I agree with your point that wrestlers are somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of being neither a full on actor or athlete. But in today's society it's just not possible to be keeping under wraps that wrestling is fake. people are a whole lot more intuative these days than they were in the 50s and earlier. When people find out that the wrestling promotions have been basically lying to the fans and veiwers that it's all real they not going to take it too well. Imagine you were an amatur football player hoping to play in the big leagues but then you found out that its all fixed and that the players can't all actually play. That could crush some peoples dreams.

    I and many other people respect professional wrestlers more than many other athletes and more than many actors, because every fan now knows how much work and dedication, so many wrestlers in todays game have. How many actors can say they rarely get a day off and get to travel the world doing what they do to tens, hundreds or thousands of people?

    I do disagree with Vince putting so much emphasis on the entertainment side and less on the wrestling and disagree with all the politics. And as for breaking the wall of Kayfabe, well, is your jaw not left hanging when jeff hardy flys 25ft through the air, or evan bourne does a standing moonsault, or edge spears somebody from on top of a ladder? It is entertainment and you love it but if they didn't parade the fact so much it would be nicer

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    The old carnivals would host "wrestling" contests and scam the audience - the carnivals wrestler would defeat secretly placed guys in the crowd, then a real guy would come out of the crowd and challenge the carny fighter. Carney fighters were shoot fighters - they knew legitimate hook holds and could hurt someone if needed.

    The kayfabe system was also developed so Mafia and Yakuza rings could bet and know who to bet for, while scamming unsuspecting gamblers. This still happened until the 90s in Japan.

    The problem with steroids goes way back to Bruno Sammartino, Billy Graham, Jesse Ventura. I personally prefer wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles - smaller guys with real skill. Steroids may be forced out now due to Benoit, but why isn't Triple H being fired he is so obviously jacked. Look how much smaller The Undertaker is now. Kane is the same size, he's just big.

    TNA seem to be involving kayfabe - look at the interviews Jarrett and Angle had in in the wrestling section. I believe kayfabe should come back, it's more fun if you don't know where the lines blur between fiction and reality - if the promoters can **** with our mnids and we don't necessarily know who will win it'll be more exciting.

    But then The Undertaker couldn't strike you with lightning or disappear with a true kayfabe environment in existence.

    So my answer is - Vince admitted wrestling is fake so his company couldn't be taken down in court as a true sporting organisation. I imagine by losing the "real" element of wrestling Vince saw an opportunity to make even more elaborate and fantastic gimmicks and feuds. I think he was forced into the decision by the courts but he would've done it eventually anyway. He was right to do it for business reasons, but he didn't do it to to help any wrestlers. He's as jacked on roids as any guy I've ever seen compete in the ring. His attitude seems to be "if I do it you'll do it".

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    You cannot just look at Vince McMahon when it comes to blame, and I'm sure no fans can do the same thing, either.

    You have to look at the wrestlers and other personalities also that have broken the barrier and have spoken out of character, including Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, the ECW wrestlers, and even Vince Russo for destroying the barrier. Calling out Vince McMahon alone IMO is just a scapegoat, as there were a lot of others that decided to throw torches at the barrier before major promoters and owners like Vince McMahon destroyed it.

    Also, with the court cases against Professional Wrestling, as well as the real life tragedies and events being incorporated more into storylines these days, it is obvious that Professional Wrestling barrier of "real" and "fake" was going to be destroyed. People still should respect Professional Wrestlers and not degrade them by calling them "actors", especially when their life span is statistically much shorter and when these people go through hardships that no true actor in Hollywood would be able to handle for more than a week.


    **People were already looking at Professional Wrestling in non-kayfabe fashion, way before Vince McMahon broke his character. Those people I mentioned continued on the suspicion of wrestling being "fake" before and after Vince broke character himself, as the barrier of "real" and "fake" really wasn't obvious until the Montreal Screwjob, especially since not everyone remembers the steroid case in court.

    It's not like Vince was the only person who did, and I personally think you can't just point at Vince and give him so much credit for doing something like that.

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    I agree with what you said . but 1. I do like the idea of the one brand like it was prior to 2002. 2A. I like the idea of bringing in new talent, but there in OVW for a reason. 2B. The would not come back full time because he's a movie star now, and Stone Cold Steve can't wrestle (neck) 3. That would not make any since to drop all the title. WCW tried that once, and you see where they are now. 4. Yes they should put those tag team in the ring, and I think Ron Simmons is too hurt to perform now. 5. Your right they do need new storylines 6. Burke, Kennedy, Punk, and Porter have to pay their dues first, like HBK, Hogan, Flair, "Hit Man", Austin, and Triple H did before they get pushed to mainevent level.

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    The question is not that interesting to deserve a star, and what vince does is his business

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    yes i agree

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