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Does the supposed Constitutional Republic of the United States even exist anymore? Or are we a corporation?

-=-A corporation with open borders, is in cahoots with Canada and Mexico forging a North American Union, according to the SPP, merely a corporate shell of it's former self. a police state conducting profit wars that does close business with evil countries like China and Saudi Arabia.

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    The Constitution of the United States of america has been shredded by the 1st Unitary Executive serial Dictator. The Congress has wiped the Unitary Executive's sphincter with it and the supreme Court has flushed it down the toilet.

    The recent "Bailout" was the economic equivalent to the "they have suitcase nukes" argument for the Iraq War; extortion of We The People and our treasury.

    The USA has been seized by the International Corporate Fascist Movement like a fatal case of dysentery.

    Anyone who thinks that Obama has not been vetted by the Corporate Fascists is naive.

    My hope is that Obama IS a Manchurian Candidate of sorts. My hope is that once in office he will purge this country of the corporate fascist dysentery the way that John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy attempted to do.

    The odds are stacked against it. And if he makes a concerted effort, he will likely end up like the Kennedy brothers.

    We The People must stand up and fight the corporate fascist dysentery. We The People must bring forth a new Declaration Of Independence, listing our grievances, restoring our constitution and incarcerating the criminals who have raped and pillaged this country and the Earth.

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    Very interesting argument. Our authorities has been characterised as a representative Republic as set up in our structure. in case you damage it down that is sensible. At outstanding we are a pseudo democracy, yet defined in the structure we are a Republic and by prepare we use a representative version democracy.

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    America definitely runs like a corporation and BY corporations.

    So yes.

    America is more about MONEY today than ever in history. We were once a great country of intellectualism, science, education, philosophy, etc.

    Now its all about Entertainment, sex and money. That's all we care about now. Money talks and everything else WALKS.

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    it's too big a question.It exists-no law can abrogate ( to land in mayhem !)it we think -to say we do not have one like in UK..Ammendments can be made as we have seen in the past.

    Constitutions -we think lay the guide lines at political behaviour.. you do the rest.Understood? Now how you proceed is another big question at realities we saw and see.Perhaps OBAMA can have a complete answer-he must have gone through constitutional law in his legal studies-said at Harvard!

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    The Constitution still exist

    It just need some cleaning

    Bush, who is sooooooo rich, bought the Constitution and has been using it as toilet papers inside the White House.....

    while Conservatives said " Since he is rich he can do whatever he want "

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    I like to think we still exist. They haven't publicly repudiated the Constitution yet, and it is on our side.

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    There is no 'republican' USA any more - that's for sure. Repugs screwed up so badly - nobody wants to deal with them any more.

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