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What do you think of the name Ace?

Expecting triplets and we're letting a dear friend decide the name of one baby.

He's come up with Ace Parker. (Parker being a middle name) I'm a bit reserved. What do you guys think?

All I think is Ace Ventura and and Peter Parker.

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    Ace is adorable but I HATE the name Parker. Sorry. I don't know why but I think that the name Parker is more suited for a surname more than anything. Also the name Parker reminds me of Lady Penelope's bulter in Thunderbirds (an all time favorites of my brothers).

    If you're not happy about the name though you should let him know, and aks to reconsider his choices, or to wait until the triplets are born and then think of a name for him (or her) upon seeing their face.

    Personally I would keep Ace but ditch Parker.

    Hope this helps


    Source(s): 8 weeks to go until baby girl is due!
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    Congrats on the triplets but i'm not a fan of ace but i love Parker maybe Parker Ace... Good Luck =)

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    1 decade ago

    Awwwww.... so cute!

    I love Ace Ventura better than Peter Parker!

    Ace Ventura is a very unique name!

    I heard tooooo many people with the name Peter and Parker..

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    I love Ace Parker but if you are a bit reserved then what about changing it slightly.

    Chase Parker or Chace Parker. That is a gorgeous combo.

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    I'm not really a fan of Ace - it sounds a little made up, somehow, and too camp for my tastes.

    I do, however, like Parker. It's a very strong, handsome, masculine name. You could keep it as a MN or use it as a FN - but if you can't get Peter Parker out of your mind, then perhaps you ought to keep it as a MN, or not use it at all. (Personally, for me, it brings to mind Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles.)

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    Sorry but Ace Ventura comes to mind first.

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    i know a guy called Alistair and they call him ace..

    why not suggest naming him Alistair, but calling him ace?

    and i'm not to sure about Parker, i have always known it to be a surname and it's only recently been revealed to me as a first name although it is growing on me.

    just ask if your friend has any other suggestions and work together with him to come up with a name you all like.

    best of luck :)

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    Ace would be a great nickname! Give you son a more normal first name, like Andrew, so he can choose later in life what he wants to be called. "Andrew Parker" sounds nice.

    He would still have the same initials that your friend wanted, hopefully he will be satisfied with that.

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    Maam follow your heart after all its your baby & yes you are right the name sucks I went to school with this guy called Ace they nicknamed him Ace of Spade & then the name changed & he was just called Spade

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    Ace? personally, i wouldn't, think about when he's older if he gets picked on - end of the day, its your baby and if you don't like a name 100% you'll regret it

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