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    Motion, set up committee 30 people sign motion or other 4 institute propose the law case in succession, deliver procedure committee carry on procedure time grade, enter first can read behind the motion, first is it can read aloud after the proposal entering proceduring of reviewing or entering by president second reading can directly to read.It is two to review the procedure, in order to transfer the proposal to in the legislative organ every committee examines, can ask the governmental personnel of every organ to show up and ask fully in case of necessity, second for hand over proposal to Political Parties and other organizations consult, discuss by all Political Parties and other organizations, review procedure enter second reading can together.Second reading can for withdraw pairs of discussion one by one sequentially proposal, set up committee 15 people sign and can examine or cancel proposal serious pair after voting in succession after discussing and presently, except for enter the third and read the meeting.Third reading will for put to the vote the proposal the whole case, is it deliver the president announce (get third reading can can pass proposal usually to vote through, get case that third reading can be rejected at present) . The president thinks after receiving the law stops up and finds it difficult to be in vogue, can mention the proposal of covering after the president agrees and the executive organ president countersign, examined and voted by the form of legislative organ again, if 1/2 of all resolve to maintain the original resolution, then the executive organ must accept.

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