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麻煩英文高手幫我翻譯一下 有關建構主義

As mentioned in Chapter 10, there is no single constructivist theory of instruction.Rather, there are researchers in field from science education to educational psychology and instructional technology who are articulating various aspects of a constructivist theory. Moreover, constructivism is only one of the labels used to describe these efforts. Its use probably stems from Piaget`s reference to his views as “constructivist”and Bruner`s conception of discovery learning as “constructionist”. Other labels include generative learning, embodied cognition, cognitive flexibility theory, and postmodern and poststructural curricula. Some of the work presented in Chapter 5 under the heading of situated cognition has also been represented as constructivist. In this chapter, then, no single constructivist approach will be described. Instead, the assumptions common to the collection of approaches will be examined, together with the learning conditions and instructional methods being proposed as consistent with these assumptions.

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    正如第10章,沒有一個單一的建構主義理論的instruction.Rather ,有研究人員從科學領域的教育,教育心理學和教學技術誰是闡明各個方面的建構理論。此外,建構只有一個標籤用來描述這些努力。其使用可能源於皮亞傑了提及他的觀點是“建構”和布魯納了概念的發現學習的“建構” 。其他標籤包括生成學習,體現認知,認知彈性理論,以及現代和poststructural課程。有些工作中提出的第5章項下的情境認知也已派代表作為建構。在這一章中,那麼,沒有一個單一的建構方式將加以說明。相反,假設共同收集的辦法將審查,連同學習條件和教學方法的建議是符合這些假設。

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