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On jan 2, 2007, a large woman entered the Cango caves of South Africa and wedged herseflf in to the only exit, trapping 22 tourists behind her. Digging her out appeared no to be an option, which left a terrible moral dilemma: take the woman's life to free the 22, or leave her to die along with her fellow tourists? It is a dilemma because it pushes us to decide between saving many and using someone else's life as a means to this end.

A ㄊmorality is beginning to uncover how people in different cultures judge such dilemmas, identifying the factors that influence judgment and th actions that follow. These studies suggest that nature provides a universal moral grammar, designed to generate fast, intuitive and universally held judgments of right and wrong.


第二段開頭是 A new science of morality

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    在2007年1月2日,一名大婦女进入南非的Cango洞并且楔住了herseflf對唯一的出口,設陷井在她之後的22個遊人。 開掘她看来沒有是選擇,留下一種可怕的道德困境: 採取woman' 免除22或者留下她的s生活與她的遊人一起死? 因為它推擠我們決定在保存許多和使用別人之間',它是困境; 作為的為此s生活手段。 morality開始揭露人们用不同的文化怎麼判斷这样困境,辨認影響評斷和Th行動跟隨的因素。 這些研究建議自然提供普遍道德語法,被設計快速地引起,直覺和普遍地舉行的評斷正確和錯誤。

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