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Which of the following is ture of the Tennessee Valley Authority? ?

1.Which of the following is ture of the Tennessee Valley Authority?

A. It did not bring about the economic revitalization of the Tennessee Valley and serves as a classic example of pork-barrel legislation.

B. It endangered aquatic life by dumping waste and pollutants into rivers and streams.

C. Through its educational grograms relating to soil management, it prevented further soil erosion in the vast area of the Tennessee Valley.

D. It was the first step in the federal government's attempt to nationalize public-power facilities throughout the United States.

2.Which of the following was true of the Social Security Act of 1935?

A. The act's unemployment compensation system was fully funded by workers and received no contributions from employers and no tax revenues.

B. The law covered farm workers and domestic servants as well as blue- and white-collar workers.

C. Workers and employers, not the government, paid for old-age benefits.

D. The more workers earned, the higher was the rate of tax they paid.

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