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TPS R8 or TPS R6?????

Wondering which stick to buy. I really like TPS sticks and am not sure which one to buy, the R8 is $199.99 and the R6 is $149.99. Theyre both pretty light, both 100% carbon construction and both seem to have a good flex. One question i have regarding these sticks is about the R8 is it a true one piece stick or blade shaft combo, like the R6? Basically I'm asking if i should save the money and get the R6 or if its worth it to spend the extra cash and get the R8. Any knowledge you have about these sticks and they're similarities or differences would be greatly appreciated.

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    well honestly you should just save your money because the stick can only be as good as the operator. and they are both good sticks. but if you like to be able to say that you have a really expensive stick then get the r8. but if you dont care then just get the r6.

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    R 8!!!!

    I own that stick and it's amazing. Yes it's worth the extra's lighter than the R6 too.

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