My Top 10 Names for Boys and Girls?

These are my top 10 name lists for both boys and girls (well, 11 for girls). They are in no particular order. What do you think of them?


1) Jordana Sarai

2) Zara Isabelle

3) Petra Josephine

4) Vera Augustine

5) Bridget Maeve

6) Norah Skye

7) Lena Giselle

8) Annabel Raine

9) Saoirse Claire (Sir-sha, Irish Gaelic)

10) Danica Sydney

11) Aisling Rosalie (Ash-leen, Irish Gaelic)


1) Nathaniel Isaac

2) Gabriel Liam

3) Peter Rowan

4) Peter Noel (Nole, not No-elle)

5) James Collin

6) Todd Andrew

7) Adam Patrick

8) Niall Thomas

9) William Tate

10) Dylan Henry

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) Jordana Sarai -- I really like Sarai. I think Jordana is okay, but I'm more a fan of just Jordan with maybe a different spelling. 7 / 10

    2) Zara Isabelle -- I really like this name. It's beautiful! It's just a little bit hard to say without mumbling the last "Ra" of Zara with the first "Is" of Isabelle... because of the vowels. But it's still a beautiful name. 8 / 10

    3) Petra Josephine -- I like it a lot. But now that our camp switched sides and the boys are in the cabin "Petra" seems a bit funny to me. haha. 8 / 10

    4) Vera Augustine -- Vera is a bit old hat... It was my great great aunt's name. I really like Augustine as a middle name though. 7 / 10.

    5) Bridget Maeve -- I like it a lot, it's cute and mature. 8 / 10

    6) Norah Skye -- It's ok, Norah is a bit old hat too... just a bit. Skye is beautiful though. 7 / 10

    7) Lena Giselle -- I love this one! It's beautiful. I love Lena. Giselle is okay, but it reminds me of the princess from Enchanted...which is one of the most annoying movies ever in my opinion. 8 / 10.

    8) Annabel Raine -- I like it a lot! It's pretty. It flows wonderfully with Raine by the way. 8 / 10

    9) Saoirse Claire (Sir-sha, Irish Gaelic) -- I've only heard this name a couple of times, and I think it's ok. It sounds good with Claire! 7 / 10

    10) Danica Sydney -- I have kind of personal issues with these names... I knew a creeper named Sydney.. and Danica is a bit okay, but it's not my favorite. 6 / 10

    11) Aisling Rosalie (Ash-leen, Irish Gaelic) -- I really like this name. I'm a fan of the Irish gaelic names... And I really like this one! :) 9 / 10.


    1) Nathaniel Isaac -- It's ok. I do like it because my brother's name is Nathan, and I think it sounds good with Isaac. 7 / 10.

    2) Gabriel Liam -- It's also ok. It's a little bit hard to say because Gabriel ends with L while Liam starts out with it. But still ok. 7 / 10

    3) Peter Rowan -- I really like Rowan as a girls' name actually. I love it... Peter is a bit old hat...for a baby anyway. It seems fine for a child though... 7 / 10

    4) Peter Noel (Nole, not No-elle) -- Same said about Peter, Noel is a good nickname. I like it better than Rowan. But I'm still sticking with 7 / 10.

    5) James Collin -- It's okay, it still seems like another name for older than a baby... It sounds good with Collin though. 7 / 10

    6) Todd Andrew -- I like it, it's cute. It still seems kind of old to me though...sorry, I'm used to the slightly crazy names! heh... 7 / 10

    7) Adam Patrick -- Adam is really cute with Patrick! And you're lucky, I like the name Adam...only because of the band Owl City, though. By the way, if you haven't heard of him, I highly recommend him, he's amazing.

    8) Niall Thomas -- I'm very confused by this name... If it's supposed to be Neil, or Nail, to pronounce it. Sorry, I'm not so much a fan... 5 / 10

    9) William Tate -- I really like the middle name Tate. But William still seems old hat to me. 7 / 10

    10) Dylan Henry -- I think it's okay, I like it better than the others... heh, I think anyway. 7 / 10.

    Sorry, I'm really partial on my boys name opinions. And yes, I do find it insanely hard to come up with boys names that I like.

    Okay, I'm off to supper!

    Hope my answer helped you and thanks for reading! :)


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Girls Kellen Emily Kiran Rose Olivia Claire Katharine Avery Audrey Blair Kensley Grace Lily Rose Aurore Belle Victoria Giselle Loren Margaret Boys Jacob Dylan Joshua Derek Benjamin Scott Miles David Mason James Ryan Garrett Aaron Isaac Cullen Andrew Carson Ainsley Carlyle Avery

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love how unique all the names are! Especially the girls. My favourites on the girls list would have to be Norah Skye and Annabel Raine, they're adorable! I also love the name Bridget, but I don't really like Maeve too much, sounds a bit old fashioned for me. I'm not a huge fan of Danica, Saoirse, Sarai, or Petra, but I love all the rest. They're all great!

    For the boys, I adore Nathaniel Isaac, and I love the name Gabriel, it has to be one of my favourites, but I don't really like the contrast between Gabriel and Liam too much. I love Gabriel James, Gabriel Tanner, Gabriel Oliver, Gabriel Connor, and Gabriel Scott, though. I find Peter a bit overused, but I adore Rowan and Noel. I love James Collin, and I especially love Todd Andrew, it sounds unbelievably classy and sophisticated. William Tate sounds a bit eighteenth century to mee, and I'm not a huge fan of Niall either. Dylan Henry, to me, doesn't mix. When I think of Dylan, I think of an almost Backstreet Boy type, and then Henry as an almost study-hard lawyer type.

    Overall, my favourites are Norah Skye, Annabel Raine, Todd Andrew, Nathaniel Isaac, and Gabriel Liam. Liam's starting to grow on me ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have great taste.

    My favorites [If I could mix-and-match a few...]:

    Zara Isabelle

    Petra Josephine

    Vera Sydney

    Annabel Claire

    Bridget Skye / Bridget Rosalie

    Nathaniel Isaac

    Gabriel Liam

    James Collin / James Dylan

    Adam Patrick

    Liam Thomas

    William Rowan

    Dylan James

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  • Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    6) Norah Skye

    1) Jordana Sarai

    2) Gabriel Liam

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  • Jen*
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I really like Jordana, Bridget Maeve, Nathaniel Isaac, and Dylan Henry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    From the girls I like 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. From the boys I like 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9. My favorites:


    -Mitchell James Michael

    -Levi Daniel Joseph

    -Shaden Bernie Thomas

    -Mason Robert Chase

    -Nicholas Zachary Shawn

    -Cameron David Ashton

    -Nathan Presley Joel

    -Blake Austin Reece

    -Dustin Parker Brock

    -Damien Ryan Anthony

    -Andrew Logan Blaine

    -Nolan Shane Travis

    -Elliot Morgan Jonathon

    -Austin Trevor Lee


    -Evangeline Leah Cristina

    -Caroline Angela Patricia

    -Shelby Leighton Isabella

    -Adrienne Emily Maria

    -Delaney Mia Catherine

    -Marisol Jamie Lee (Mah-ree-soul)

    -Winterlynn Sophia Noelle

    -Carabella Lily Skye

    -Valentina Karen Ann

    -Sheridyn Rachel Jade

    -Willow Audrina Ivy

    -Matilda Katherine Shane

    -Kenley Savannah Claire

    -Natalie Delilah Paige

    -Eliana Margaret Joy (Ell-ee-on-uh)

    -Emalia Hope Anita (Em-ah-lee-uh; NOT Amelia)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jordana is unique but sounds a bit overdone to me. Sarai I'm not too keen on either.

    Zara makes me think of the uk royal family. I love Isabelle though

    Petra is unique. Josephine is old fashioned

    Vera don't use its soooo old fashioned.

    Bridget Maeve I don't like.

    Norah Skye I love!

    Lena Giselle is ok.

    Annabel Raine is ok

    Saoirse Claire makes me think of someone really girly

    Danica sounds made up but Sydney is nice

    Aisling Rosalie is unique

    Nataniel Isaac i don't like

    The only boys name I like is Willaim

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  • TX Mom
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I love all of your names. You have a constant sense of taste concerning these names, and they each fit in their own way. I can tell you worked hard on these.

    I love Saoirse Claire, and Danica Sydney.

    My boy choices are Gabriel Liam and James Collin.

    TX Mom

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  • 1 decade ago

    for girls, i like:

    - Jordana Sarai

    - Annabel Raine

    - Lena Giselle

    For boys, i like:

    -Nathaniel Isaac (i dont like the name isaac though)

    -Gabriel Liam

    -Adam Patrick

    -Dylan Henry

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