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What do you think about 5 illegal Mexicans selling SS cards drivers licence resdent cards is 9-11 a coming ?

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - The Butler County Sheriff's Office has completed an undercover investigation that resulted in the arrest of three individuals.

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, Francisco Villegas-Villegas, 18, Jose Sanchez-Herrera, 28, and Rueben Jimenez-Mancera, 22, delivered the documents to an undercover officer at a Fairfield restaurant and were immediately arrested.

Deputies located 21 other forged documents at the time of the arrests that were ready for sell. Deputies also located $295.00.

The identification cards included California, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mexican driver's licenses, and Permanent Residence Cards, and social security cards. During the investigation, it was learned that at least three other individuals were involved in the document ring.

All three arrested individuals have admitted to being illegal aliens from Mexico. They face charges of forgery.

The trio is currently being held in the Butler County Sheriff's Office Correctional Complex. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a "holder" on all the subjects for possible deportation procedures, after they answer to their state charges.

Further arrests may be forthcoming.

And advocates for illegals say illegals do not know it's wrong to buy these documents ?


not terrorists how do u know who all they sold to unless you work with them

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    Why do you think the pro-illegals are crying and complaining about you? They don't want you putting up arguments against their claims of these innocent illegals who just come here for a better life.

    Of course they know it's illegal. They have been coming over for 20 years. No one can believe that information is not being sent back about forged documents and the need for them to work and stay here illegally.

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    Listen up, terrosists consist of radical groups pertaining t harming a certain area or group of people. Therefore Mexican illegals as you wouldd say as being terorrists is completely ludacris. Mexican Immigrants only tried and wanted to get better jobs and start making more money to better their lives which is more than i can say for a few americans or "whites". This country could only be improved and blessed by having such hardworking "immigrants" settle in the US. hopefully ignorant people can get their facts straight and realize that terrorists are the people who harm this country and not the "mexicans" who are actually prospering the economy. you just try and live a day without this amazing people and you'll see what AMERICA has really become.

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    Terrorists are people who live/come into this country with the intent to do damage or harm to the country itself or its citizens.In this case these people are without a doubt terrorists.They should be deported to Antartica if they need a change of scenery that bad.

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    That's just as bad as the Mother and Daughter Team, one a Bank Vise President and the other a Real Estate Agent. Comes to show that our own US Citizens with high positions commit this kind of crime to. Either way! a CRIME IS A CRIME RIGHT????????? They should ALL get what they deserve!!!!

    Mother and daughter caught in identity theft bust

    A mother daughter team have been caught using fraudulent credit cards to purchase merchandise. Cassidy Janosky, worked at Bank of the West and used her position of vice president of business-development to steal the information of bank customers. Janosky then use the information to open credit cards in the unsuspecting bank customers names. Janosky’s mother,Cynthia Walker, was a real-estate agrent and used her knowledge of the housing market to find vacant houses that they could send the fraudulent credit cards to.

    The two were caught when they tried to pickup some merchandise that they had ordered online using the fraudulent credit cards. They had ordered a couple LCD TVs as well as a playstation 3 from a sears in Kennewick. Altogether the two are accused of racking up more than 13,000 in fraudulent charges.

    Janosky is being charged with four counts of mail fraud and three accounts of aggravated identity theft. Her mother is planning on signing a plea agreement where she is expected to testify against her daughter. If she does so the two accounts of aggravated identity-theft should be dropped against Cynthia Walker.

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    They are mexicans trying to circumvent the immigration system, not terrorists.

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    More Dem to vote for B O is this a surprise>

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    terrorists are here as legal citizens. they won't come in through the mexican border (too risky of getting caught) and they won't buy fake social (again, too risky.)

  • Anonymous
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    Has nothing to do with terrorists and you know it....there needs to be a mental evaluation test to get on Y/A

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