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Balanced Chemical Equations?

How would I write balanced chemical equations for these?

:s i'm confused

1. The decomposition reaction of hydrogen sulfide

2. The single displacement reaction of copper(ll) & silver nitrate.

3. The synthesis reaction of sodium & fluorine.

4. The double displacement reaction of aluminum sulfate & calcium hydroxide.

also i would appreciate it if you explained how you did it.


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    1. a decomposition reaction starts with 1 molecule & produces more that one material , materials usually which are very common:

    H2S --> H2 & S

    2. The single displacement reaction uses a single element to replace a similar element that is in a compound:

    Cu(s) & 2 AgNO3 --> Cu(NO3)2 & 2 Ag (s)

    3. The synthesis reaction usually combines 2 materials into producing one

    2 Na & F2 --> 2 NaF

    4. The double displacement reaction starts with two molecules made of ions which swap negative ions:

    1Al2(SO4)3 & 3Ca(OH)2 --> 2Al(OH)3 & 3CaSO4

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