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okay.. i dont think you HAVE to read this what im about to tell you but it might help with my question...

People want to live in places that are aesthetically pleasing and where the clime is agreeable. they like to see green lawns and colourful flower gardens. therefore they should build thier homes on land that was previously used for agriculture.

at one time the qween elizabeth way, the worlds first true superhighway, ran through the vineyards and fruit orchards on the niagra penisula between hamilton and st.. catharines. now the highway is lined on both sides with factories shopping plazas and subdivisions, all build on some of the most valuable farmland in the country.

when one realizes that only about 11% of all the landon the surface of earth is suitable for farming in the first place, the cost of taking this land out of production becomes apparent. with every hectar used for development the challeng of sustainabilityproviding for the needs of the ever-increasing human population on earth becomes more difficult.

many of our ancestors cleared the forests to create farmland but much of that land is now covered by buildings and pavement. new farmland is just not avaliable. destroying the tropical rain forests for agricultural purposes is not a viable option either. not only is the rich biodeversity of those areas lost forever, but the soil is so poor that it can be used for only a few years before its depleted of its few nutrients.

irrigation, fertilizer use, high-intensity growing single crops, and pest managment have all been adopted to increse yeilds. however, each of these has drawbacks. argonomists and farmers must study todays problems carefully in order to find solutions.

THANKYOU for reading that all to whoever did, but i have to answer 4 questions on that but there is one i cant figure out.. so if you could help me that would be great!

so the question is: what would be ecological advantages and disadvantages of building cities in the boreal forest biome and the tundra?

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    The boreal forest biome is cold, wet and has a very short growing season. The main plant growing is pine trees. The tundra is cold and dry and like the boreal forest biome, cannot support agriculture for food. Therefore building cities in these regions would have an ecological advantage because the land is not used to supply the world with food. The disadvantages of using these areas for building is the same as the rainforests, in that one would be destroying a rich biodiversity that cannot be replaced.

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