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I need info about the pit bull law ?

if any one know anything that would be great. one thing i really would like to know is is it legal to breed pit bulls in Canada? please leave anything you know thanks!

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    Ontario has a full out right ban. Only pitbulls that were born before the ban are allowed & they must be altered & under a muzzle & leash when off the owners property.

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    There are bull breed bans all across the US. Personally, if I had one of those breeds I would not knowingly move to an area that has banned them. The main reason is that it gives the law the right to confiscate my dog(s) and to euthanize them just because they have made them illegal. I don't have the answers but I believe the attacks on humans that are so often fatal are often dogs of the bull breeds and mixes and we do need to do something. How do we make owners be responsible owners? How do we stop the irresponsible breeding with no thought given to temperament of both parents and close relatives? How do we end the 'back yard breeding' so that people will make certain their dogs are healthy, vaccinated, temperment tested, genetically sound? These laws have forced people to make choices, to live there without their dogs or to live elsewhere where their dogs are allowed. I feel bad for those that must remain because their livelihood is there and they are forced to give up their beloved companion/pet.

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    It depends on what city you live in. Some have an outright band on pit bulls and others like Auburn WA must be registered. You can find

    the answer by googling.

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    You should check with the local authorities. The laws about pits differ based on the country, the state, the city, even the community.

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    This is generally a law that's adopted by cities or counties. In Canada, some provinces have banned Pit Bulls.

    It would be best to contact some BSL activist groups and speak with them directly.




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    Although it may be legal to breed them, there are millions of reasons not too.... Here's a link to a site I found on breeding pit bulls. I hope this helps! http://www.badrap.org/rescue/breeding.cfm And here's another one. http://www.workingpitbull.com/BuyerBeware.html

  • Not in Ontario. If they even THINK your dog LOOKS LIKE a pit bull they can take it away and euthanize it.

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    In some places there is laws, some places not. But don't breed. There are already way too many strays/unwanted dogs/puppies.


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    i think it is okay in most places, but in some I know it is not

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