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What is a PAGE 11 in the Marine Corps?

Was just wondering what a Page 11 in the USMC is? Thank you very much!

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    counseling statement.

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    Usmc Page 11

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    Page 11 Usmc

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    Actually, it's not Non-Judicial Punishment, that's different.

    It's similar to office hours in other branches.

    It's basically when you get in trouble, but it's not big enough of a deal to take to court martial or non-judicial punishment. You get a "counseling" (they talk to you and tell you how you messed up and how you can fix it from here out)

    Then an entry goes into Page 11 of your SRB (Service Record Book-- like your permanent record lol) Creative, huh? *sarcasm*

    It can be given for anything from not keeping within weight standards to unsatisfactory performance at work to being late (although being late could be UA (unauthorized absense) and could get worse punishment)

    Oh wait, it can also be given if you do something above and beyond what your job required of you. So it can be a good entry, but mostly I've only seen them given for bad stuff...

    Source(s): I'm a Marine, OOHRAH!
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    They can be good and bad. They can be good if you do something above and beyond ie you fix a radio without any help. They could give you a good page 11 which means hey this guy did something good. They can also be bad. If you where late to formation they could write a page 11 and if you get enough you could get an NJP.

    Source(s): 0621 Radio operator usmc 2003-2007
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    Office Hours, or Non judicial punishment

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