Which 7 deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

The complete list of nominees:

First-Year Eligible Nominees

Running Backs -- Larry Centers, Brian Mitchell (also KR/PR)

Tight Ends -- Shannon Sharpe, Frank Wycheck

Offensive Tackle -- Lincoln Kennedy

Defensive Linemen -- John Randle (DE/DT), Bruce Smith (DE), Dana Stubblefield (DT)

Linebacker -- Jessie Armstead

Defensive Backs -- Darren Woodson (S), Rod Woodson (CB/S)

Additional Nominees

Quarterbacks -- Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, Jim Plunkett, Phil Simms, Ken Stabler, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams

Running Backs -- Ottis Anderson, Roger Craig, Terrell Davis, Greg Pruitt (also KR/PR), Herschel Walker, Ricky Watters

Wide Receivers -- Cliff Branch, Harold Carmichael, • Cris Carter, Wes Chandler, Gary Clark, Isaac Curtis, Henry Ellard, Irving Fryar, Roy Green, Harold Jackson, Herman Moore, Stanley Morgan, • Andre Reed, Sterling Sharpe

Tight Ends -- Mark Bavaro, Todd Christensen, Ben Coates, Russ Francis, Brent Jones, Steve Jordan

Offensive Linemen -- Tony Boselli (T), Lomas Brown (T), Jim Covert (T), Randy Cross (G/C), Dave Dalby (C), Dermontti Dawson (C), Ray Donaldson (C), • Russ Grimm (G), Jay Hilgenberg (C), Kent Hill (G/T), Chris Hinton (G/T), Kent Hull (C), Joe Jacoby (T), Mike Kenn (T), • Bob Kuechenberg (G), Jim Lachey (T), Henry Lawrence (G/T), Mark May (G/T/C), • Randall McDaniel (G), Max Montoya (G), Marvin Powell (T), Steve Wisniewski (G)

Defensive Linemen -- Ray Childress (DT/DE), • Richard Dent (DE), Chris Doleman (DE/LB), Carl "Big Daddy" Hairston (DE/DT), Charles Haley (DE/LB), Ed "Too Tall" Jones (DE), Cortez Kennedy (DT), Joe Klecko (DE/DT/NT), Steve McMichael (DT/NT), Leslie O'Neal (DE), Fred Smerlas (NT), Art Still (DE)

Linebackers -- Cornelius Bennett, Robert Brazile, Kevin Greene (LB/DE), Ken Harvey, Rickey Jackson, Tom Jackson, Clay Matthews, Karl Mecklenburg, Sam Mills, Hardy Nickerson, Chris Spielman, Pat Swilling, Darryl Talley, • Derrick Thomas

Defensive Backs -- Eric Allen (CB), Steve Atwater (S), Joey Browner (S), LeRoy Butler (S), Deron Cherry (S), Raymond Clayborn (CB), Kenny Easley (S), Lester Hayes (CB), Albert Lewis (CB), Ken Riley (CB), Eugene Robinson (S), Donnie Shell (S), Louis Wright (CB)

Punters/Kickers -- Rich Camarillo (P), • Ray Guy (P), Nick Lowery (K), Reggie Roby (P)

Special Teams -- Steve Tasker

Coaches -- Don Coryell, Tom Flores, Jimmy Johnson, Chuck Knox, Buddy Parker, Dan Reeves, Clark Shaughnessy

Contributors -- Bud Adams, Gil Brandt, C.O. Brocato, Leo Carlin, Ed DeBartolo, Jr., Ben Dreith, Bob Harlan, Jerry Jones, Art Modell, Art Rooney Jr., Ed Sabol, Steve Sabol, • Paul Tagliabue, Ralph Wilson, Jr., Ron Wolf, George Young

Remember, only 7 can make it.

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    First off, the following need to be removed .. their playing careers were too short and they will not make it: Terrell Davis, Sterling Sharpe, Tony Boselli, Jimmy Johnson

    Now, based on who is left:

    Rod Woodson

    Eric Allen

    Steve Atwater

    Shannon Sharpe

    Richard Dent

    Mark Bavaro

    Ed "Too Tall" Jones

    Honorable Mention:

    Kevin Greene

    Dermonti Dawson

    Charles Haley

    Joe Theismann

    Doug Williams

    Hardy Nickerson

    Lester Hayes


  • 1 decade ago

    1. Shannon Sharpe

    2. Rod Woodson

    3. Richard Dent

    4. Kevin Greene

    5. Jimmy Johnson

    6. Bruce Smith

    7. Dermonti Dawson

    that's tough


  • 1 decade ago

    Ralph Wilson, Jr

    Bruce Smith

    Kent Hull

    Steve Tasker

    Cornelius Bennett

    Andre Reed

    Darryl Talley

  • 1 decade ago

    Rod Woodson

    Shannon Sharpe

    Jim Plunket

    Paul Tagliabue

    Art Rooney Jr.

    Ed Jones


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  • 1 decade ago

    1) Bruce Smith

    2) Rod Woodson

    3) Jimmy Johnson

    4) Shannon Sharpe

    5) Cris Carter

  • Shannon Sharpe

    Rod Woodson

    Doug Williams

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is some list of great players. Guess I would choose

    1. Jim Plunkett

    2. Harold Carmichael

    3. Ed "Too Tall" Jones

    4. Lester Hayes

    5, Richard Dent

    6. Steve Atwater

    7. Chuck Knox

    Pick your seven Asker and add to your post.

  • Saim
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    1. Shannon Sharpe

    2. Rod Woodson

    3. Ben coats

    4. Randall Mcdaneil

    5. bruce smith

    6. Laroy Butler all the way

    7. Jim Plunkett

    it was so hard to choose there all really great players and they will all make it in sometime i hope

    Source(s): da real balla
  • 1 decade ago

    Shannon Sharpe- changed the way TE's were looked at...The first modern TE

    Bruce Smith- one of the greats

    Rod Woodson- one of the greats

    Cris Carter- one of the great stories of football...down and out and turned it around...one of the all time leaders in TD's and receptions, and yards

    Charles Hailey

    Derrick Thomas- just imagine his numbers if he didnt tragically die

    Jimmy Johnson- Super Bowls

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    *smirks and shugs* My brother and I are drama queens just like Snape. It runs in the family. -(Dark Veela) Cho Chang, second in command drama queen of DC.

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