What is sparkle vampire?

I've seen answers on here about the book Twilight and stuff about sparkle vampires... can someone explain what this is?

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    Sadly, the Twilight Epidemic has people wondering odd questions about nothing.

    In answer: A sparkle vampire, or more accurately, a Meyerpire (since's Meyer's vampires aren't vampires at all) is Stephenie Meyer's personal creation of a creature that sparkles in the sun, is rock hard, universally beautiful immortal, almost invincible, and drinks animal/human blood.

    Pretty uninteresting things. Hope this answers your question.


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    Sparkling Vampires

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    Define Sparkly

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    Although she got a thumbs-down for her answer, Madz is exactly right. In Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, the vampires CAN go out in daylight, but not in public for a very different reason. Their skin sparkles like diamonds in the open sunlight. My best guess is that this is what people are alluding to.

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  • Rabies
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    1 decade ago

    They may be refering to when a vampire steps into the sun and they sparkle all over. Like billions of tiny crystals. Or could you be thinking of dazzle! If so then that means when the vampires kinda dazes you and you get lost in their beauty.

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    That's a good question!

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    its when vampires go out in the sun.

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    ok so i am guessing u haven't read twilight. ok well when the vampires in the book go out in the sun their skin sparkles like diamonds. you should read it. its one of the best books i have ever read

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