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A student thinks that it is dangerous to pour hot coffee in an airplane travelling at a high speed.He says that the coffee will stop moving forward when it is in air, so that the passenger moving in the airplane will collide head on the coffee.Explain why he is wrong.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The coffee is moving with the same speed as the airplane as it is travelling with it.

    When the coffee is poured out, by Newton's 1st law of motion, the coffee will keep on moving with its initial speed due to its inertia when there is no external force acting on it. In other words, when it is poured out, it will move with the same speed as the airplane.

    Hence, from an observer outside the airplane, the coffee will move with the same speed as the airplane. With respect to the passenger in the airplane, the coffee will be poured in the cup and he will not collide head on the coffee.

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