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請問有冇一d duty roster 軟件

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    以下的軟年都可以做到管理職員的放假(大假)資料或其他人事資料, 又可以輸入僱主的要求(即不可取假的日期),再將各人的選假日期輸入,然後可以在一個畫面上一目了然,及進行修改。不過有多靈活各有不同:

    1) Duty Roster Maker

    Setup any qualifications you need to distinguish duties and personnel. Input the names of duties and organizations in the duty form, and then add personnel in the roster form.


    2) Schedule Pro

    Schedule Pro, a duty roster software, is designed for creating duty rosters for healthcare industry such as hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities. This employees can be nurses, food services staff, maintenance staff, housekeeping staff etc. Schedule Pro software can be used to schedule them all.

    3) DRoster - Employee Scheduling 3.4.15

    DRoster is a staff rostering and employee scheduling software tool. It is flexible and meets the needs of a wide range of people who have to manage rosters and schedules..

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