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david asked in 科學及數學生物學 · 1 decade ago

BIOlogy 的問題

我本書話water 可以act as a reactant...


我想要詳盡圴解釋 同例子




中文譯係 叫 水解..


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  • Roy
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    1 decade ago
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    Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction during which one or more water molecules are split into hydrogen and hydroxide ions which may go on to participate in further reactions.[1][2] It is the type of reaction that is used to break down certain polymers, especially those made by step-growth polymerization. Such polymer degradation is usually catalysed by either acid or alkali attack, often increasing with their strength or pH.

    Hydrolysis is distinct from hydration, where hydrated molecule does not "lyse" (break into two new compounds). It should not be confused with hydrogenolysis, a reaction of hydrogen.

    Metal ions are Lewis acids, and in aqueous solution they form aqua ions, of the general formula M(H2O)nm+. [4] [5] The aqua ions are hydrolyzed, to a greater or lesser extent. The first hydrolysis step is given generically as

    M(H2O)nm+ + H2O ⇌ M(H2O)n-1(OH)(m-1)+ + H3O+

    Thus the aqua ion is behaving as an acid in terms of Brønsted-Lowry acid-base theory. This is easily explained by considering the inductive effect of the positively charged metal ion, which weakens the O-H bond of an attached water molecule, making the liberation of a proton relatively easy.Under physiological conditions (i.e. in dilute aqueous solution), a hydrolytic cleavage reaction, where the concentration of a metabolic precursor is low (on the order of 10-3 to 10-6 molar), is essentially thermodynamically irreversible. To give an example:

    A + H2O → X + Y

    Assuming that x is the final concentration of products, and that C is the initial concentration of A, and W = [H2O] = 55.5 molar, then x can be calculated with the equation:

    p.s.There are different meaning in different subjects!

    2008-10-30 16:37:12 補充:

    let Kd×W = k:


    For a value of C = 0.001 molar, and k = 1 molar, x/C > 0.999. Less than 0.1% of the original reactant would be present once the reaction is complete.

    2008-10-30 16:37:20 補充:

    M(H2O)nm+ + H2O ⇌ M(H2O)n-1(OH)(m-1)+ + H3O+

    2008-10-30 16:37:36 補充:

    example, aqueous solutions of Cr(VI) contain CrO42-.

    Cr(H2O)6+ → CrO42- + 2 H2O + 8 H+

    Note that reactions such as

    2 CrO42- + H2O ⇌ Cr2O72- + 2 OH-

    are formally hydrolysis reactions as water molecules are split up yielding hydroxide ions. Such reactions are common among polyoxometalates.

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  • 1 decade ago

    reactant = 反應劑



    反應原料 - 用於反應原料和C的大宗氧氣、氮氣、二氧化碳、一氧化碳、氫氣。


    hydrolyse = 水解





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