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My name is Carlos, I was born in Kaohsiung, on April 3th, 1971. I spent my childhood and school years there. I have one sibling. . My father is a worker and my mother is a housewife . As a student, I tried to get good grades at school. History is my favorite subject because I can gain lots of knowledge from this class. It's been said, "actions speak louder than words. ". I agree with them. Therefore, I try to keep my promise. Life is more than school so in my free time, I like playing basketball and reading. By playing basketball I can stay healthy and energetic.. I also enjoy reading. It helps me gain more information and knowledge.During my studies, I went to basketball club. Although my school work load was heavy, I still kept a balance between my studies and extracurricular activities. I am a mature person and I am confident that I can pursue my goals. In order to achieve them, I accept all challenges and never give up. I believe that I will continue being a/an moderately and friendly person. With my strong determination, I can fulfill my goals in the near future.With my outstanding credentials and background, I believe that I could be a productive member of King security corp as a security guard and to grow proud with you




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    我覺得生活不只是讀書,因此當我有空的時候,我喜歡去打籃球跟閱讀 。打籃球使我健康有活力,閱讀使我獲得更多的知識與學識。我在學校參加了籃球社,雖然學校的功課很重,但我盡量保持學業與課外活動並存。

    我自認是一個成熟的人並且有信心只要是我設定的目標都會盡力達成 。為了達成我的目標,我接受任何的挑戰且不隨便放棄。 我也認為我是一個溫和且友善的人,而且我有堅定的意志力,不論未來的目標是什麼,我都能達成。


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