what are 5 things...?

what are 5 things i could put in a paper bag to represnt the story

The call of the Wild- Jack London

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i was thinking of a little stuffed dog and cotton balls doe snow.. anything else?

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    1 decade ago
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    1.) Plush Alaskan or Siberian Husky toy. (Good call on your part.)

    2.) Can you find a picture of a Sitka Spruce? We have them here in Alaska and I kid you not - they shed their needles in the winter like a normal tree! Just makes me think of the Alaskan wilderness in that novel.

    3.) A picture or post card of a dog sled, perhaps, a main method of travel in the far north in particular.

    4.) Perhaps a small gold pan to represent the great Alaskan Gold Rush.

    5.) Your cotton ball idea is awesome, but maybe you can get more creative? Here in Alaska (I'll bet you can find it in your gift shops too) we have faux snow. It's not really wet or anything after it's prepared, but it's a dry powder that you add a little water to and it comes out feeling like real snow only dry. (And it doesn't melt!)

    Hope this helps. I remember doing a book report similar to this in middle school, but I wish I had picked a book as unique as this one. Good luck! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Cut out of the state of Alaska.

    A rock painted gold to represent the gold rush.

    Picture of a dog or the stuffed dog would work.

    Sled (picture or a toy one)

    Something to represent the cold like snow or ice.

  • 1 decade ago

    Something representing a whip cause he was abused by one guy, a heart for the way his original owner felt, and maybe cut-outs of fir trees for when he was in the wilderness?

  • 1 decade ago

    Much of this novel does not take place in Alaska. It is in the Northwest Territories (now Yukon Territory)

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