What is this process called? Before a tv crew films for a block.?

I did work experience on McLeod's, and now I need to write up some things to get into uni. I'm stuck on if there is a specific word this is called...

One of the days I went with the Location Manager, with the Director, DOP, Continuity and a few other people to the locations for the next block. At each location they discussed a few things, then continued to the next location.

What is this process called?


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    It's called "scouting." After a screenplay has been written, it is "broken down" by each department head (ie, Camera, Grip, Electric, Transportation, Wardrobe, SFX, Sound, etc.). Each department is looking for anything specifically written in the script or indirectly referred to that will or could affect their department.

    One of the very first things that is considered is WHERE scenes will be shot. With that in mind, a Location Manager/Scout is hired.

    There are actually two aspects of “locations”: scouting and managing. The Location Scout helps the production find and secure locations suitable for filming. The Location Manager works on set as the liaison between the production and anyone in the public who is affected. Often, the two jobs are done by just one person.

    The job doesn’t just involve finding pretty sites and hanging around the set. The Location Manager is responsible for finding locations that serve the Director’s creative needs and the production’s logistical requirements. A beautiful mountaintop villa may seem perfect, but if getting a crew of one hundred plus the necessary equipment up there is too costly and inefficient, the place might as well not exist. You don’t make decisions, but it helps to have a creative eye as you interpret a Director’s requests. It’s also beneficial to have some level of technical experience as you attempt to anticipate the practical requirements of production.

    During the scout, as you noticed, most of the departments are represented so that if there are any questions or concerns, those can be brought up before the entire crew shows up later in the schedule ready to film.

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