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hubby's job scares me?

I Love my hubby and our baby. However, hubby's job scares me and it's something that he has always wanted to do. Do I just get over my fear of it or ask him to find another job?

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    Does it make him happy to go to work, does he look forward to doing his job every day? I have a similar job, (scary) it makes my wife nervous when she watches me work, and most of the time she wont. But it leaves me feeling fulfilled at the end of each day, I love what I do. Dangerous or not! PS. I am also responsible and I cary insurance.

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    If you think about it everyone's job is dangerous so I would just get over it. My man has worked in a gold mine mixing chemicals that if they got into his lungs or on his skin could have killed him in a matter of seconds. Now he drives truck for an oil rig company that could kill him on the road everyday. One week he drove a truck that hauled explosives up and down a mountain in colorado. If he hit a bump in the road wrong he could have blew up sky high and took part of the mountain with him. See what I mean? If he loves his job don't stand in his way and be sure to love him when he is home. Also never forget to tell him you love him when he leaves for work and NEVER part angry or have angry words when he leaves for work. you will never regret it if the worst happens. After all ..... all we can expect in life is for it to change. Take care sister.

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    What does your hubby do?

    Did he have this profession when you married him? If so, what changed?

    Perhaps once baby came into the picture, your fears surfaced because you have another person to care for..

    without knowing the position, it's difficult to answer with good advice. Communicating with him can't hurt..but we need more info.

    good luck

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    Yeah, fall in love then cut off his ....

    You should not force your husband to abandon a career he enjoys. Many dangerous jobs are vitally important and/or very lucrative. If he quits because he loves you you may find that subconsciously you love him less. Encourage and support or emasculate and denigrate. You have to decide.

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  • Deb R
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    Things are going bad in today society with jobs, get over the fear and let him keep his job.

  • ~Baby~
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    Just try to talk to him and express to him what or how you feel about his job. Ask him if there is any other alternatives in changing his career. I can understand you, there are several dangerous jobs and they all have families.

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    Depend on what it is luv.

    Are you & baby well provided for--life insurance etc?? Hard way to look at it BUT if he is a risk taker & this is what he wants to do..there has to be safety net in place.

    In the mean time...try to be patient..sometimes it will be outgrown?

    Maybe a promotion..lateral move across board not so dangerous?

    Could you be in a support group..associated with his work? other wives??

    Good luck to your family, all.

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    Find a support group of wives in similar situation. You have a valid concern.

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    well if he loves you he should understand but think to your self before you ask him make shure you are not over reacting, but if you are that concerned then you should tell him how you feel

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    Why are you afraid of his job? What is his job?

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