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Do you like these names for a baby?

I'm not pregnant, I just love thinking of names for future children!So tell me which ones you like,dislike,and why.




Tatelyn(It's from my last name,so I love it for that)






Ryle(No not Rylee)




Alyssa(Pronounced like Alicia)

















What are some of your favorite names?


Yea I just noticed I put Lilly twice,and I like it better Lillie.

Update 2:

And Alyssa is from one of my best friends,she also pronounces it as Alicia.

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    I like




    connor is ok

    Luke is OK

    Blake is good, too

    I'm sorry, its not so easy picking boys names for me... lol!

    from your lists, what about grace, jasmine, isabelle (not my favourite but is popular) sara,

    Madeleine's OK, too..

    =D goodluck, with the names!

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    Madelynnj- I like the name but not this particular spelling.

    Lindsey - This is an OK name. I know quite a few women with that name but have not heard many people now naming their daughters that.

    Tatelyn(It's from my last name,so I love it for that) - Nope, don't like it. I'm not a fan of "made up" names.

    Abigail - Love, love, love! I just think it sounds so feminine and Abby is such a cute nickname for a little girl.

    Teagan - I don't really like it at all.

    Lauren - I think this is a very pretty name and all the Laurens I've met have been very nice.

    Hanna - I like it spelled Hannah. I think it's a very classic name.

    Lilly - It's OK, but not really my favorite name.

    Ryle(No not Rylee) - Nope, do not like for a girl.

    Alexis - I think this is a pretty name. I've only known one person with that name so it's not super common either.

    Addison - I like Madison better, but Addison is nice too.

    Alyssa(Pronounced like Alicia) - If you want people to pronounce it Alicia, you need to have it spelled that way.

    Mary - I don't really like this name for a first name. Maybe for a middle name?

    Rainey - Sounds dumb. I have a cousin named Rayne and while I think she's adorable, I do not think her name is.


    Layton - Um, no. I don't like made up names.

    Linton - No, same reason as above.

    Jacob - This is just an OK name IMO.

    Luke - I like this name a lot but I would name the child Lucas and then nickname him Luke.

    Connor - Eh, it's alright, I suppose.

    Blake - Same feeling as Connor.

    Colton - Just OK.

    Kanan - No.

    Paul - I've never liked this name and I'm not really sure why.

    Adam - This is a nice name.

    Nicholas - I like this but I do not like the common nicknames Nick or Nicky.

    Ryder - No, sounds dumb.

    Rowdy - Are you kidding? This is by far the worst name on the entire list.

    My favorite name for a girl is Madison Grace (I've loved both names for years). My favorite name for a boy is Michael but that's my husband's name and I don't like the idea of naming children after their parents.

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    The one I really disliked was Ryle. Sounds like a boy but its not cute.

    -Please note that Alyssa (Ah- lis- ah) and Alecia (Ah- lee- sha) are two different names and they are not pronounced alike!

    The only boy name that I did not like was Rowdy.


    Adam and Connor

    Lilly and Lauren

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    You could be my twinner! I love thinking of names too, but I'm nowhere near pregnant. :)


    Madelynn -- I like this spelling! It's a lot better then some ones I've seen... And it's a cute and pretty name. 8 / 10,

    Lindsey -- I do love the name Lindsey. I knew a girl named Lindsay that is one of my favorite people in the world... Now I've fallen quite in love for the name Lindley... of course, after her.

    Tatelyn -- Wow, this one is wonderful! It might just be because I have an temporary obsession with names I've never heard before, but I absolutely love it. That's a way cool last name, too... My last name's Bailey... I wanted to name a daughter that for a while, but it's become kind of popular... 9 / 10

    Abigail -- I was going to be named Abigail... it's an okay name, I know an Abigail that's kind of a creeper... so it makes me kind of dislike the name a bit... 6 / 10

    Teagan -- I love this name...a lot more for a girl than a boy. It's beautiful! 9 / 10

    Lauren -- It's okay, I know a lot of Laurens though. I like some of your other names more...sorry 6 / 10

    Hanna -- I like that the spelling is slightly different, but not out there. I'm unfortunately not such a fan of the name in general though... sorry again... 6 / 10

    Lilly -- I like Lilly, it's cute. :) 8 / 10

    Ryle -- I love it! I really like the name Ryles, and this is really close to the same as it, so I love this also. 9 / 10

    Alexis -- Alexis is ok. It's cute, but it's pretty popular in places... 7 / 10

    Addison -- I don't like Addison as much... it reminds me of Madison, which is just way too popular for its own good... and I don't like it that much... Just because it's kind of similar... sorry. 6 / 10

    Alyssa -- I think it might be better to spell it different to clarify and not confuse people with the pronunciation. I do like the name though. 7 / 10

    Mary -- Mary's kind of old hat... I like it better for a middle name. 5 / 10

    Rainey -- I like Rainey. I know a little girl named Raymee... I thought her name was Rainey for the longest time though. She's adorable... :) I like the name a lot. 8 / 10


    Layton -- I do like it, but I like it a bit more for a girl. 8 / 10

    Linton -- It's kind of cute And unique. I'm quite a fan of unique, as long as it's not crazy out there... 7 / 10

    Jacob -- I know way too many Jacobs for anyone's good... there are at least 6 that I go to school with, and one's a major creep while at least 2 of the others are druggies... umm, so that puts a damper on the name for me... sorry. 5 / 10

    Luke -- I like this name, it's my cousin's name. And he's just about the coolest person I know. 7 / 10.

    Connor -- I like Connor, it's soft and sweet and mature. 8 / 10

    Blake -- I like this one also. It can also be mature and cute. 8 / 10

    Colton -- I know a creeper with this name... Sorry, I know too many people... heh, but it's still an ok name. 7 / 10

    Kanan -- I like this a lot. It's a nice name. 8 / 10

    Paul -- Paul is also kind of old had... I know a lady that just had a baby and named him Paul... I found it kind of strange... along with this other lady that named her baby Wade... they just grandaddy names... sorry. 5 / 10

    Adam -- Adam's ok. It's never something I would personally use as a first name, but I do like it. Maybe just because of the band Owl City (which is amazing by the way). It's most definitely a name I'd want for a middle name. 7 / 10

    Nicholas -- It's ok, but it reminds me of Santa... 6 / 10

    Ryder -- I love Ryder, it's on my list. One of my favorites for a boy... but I find it really hard to come up with boy names... 9 / 10

    Rowdy -- You'll probably get this a lot...but it sounds like a dog's name... maybe just because I know 3 dog Rowdy's... It would be an okay nickname, but not really a name. Sorry, just my opinion. 6 / 10

    I hope my answers helped! :) For the most part, I really like your names. Good work.

    Best wishes,


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    I love teagan and alexis for the girls,i love lilly too(my name is lillian and i go by lilly as a nickname).for the boy names i love luke,ryder,colton and connor.

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    I don't hate any of the names. There are a lot that I wouldn't choose as a name for my child, but none that make me feel sorry for the kid. haha

    My favs are:


    Madelynn NN: Mady :)

    Abigale NN Abby <3




    Blake <3 My sons name!!



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    For girls I like Madelynn and Lilly.

    For boys I like Luke and Adam.

    I like Brianna and Nathan(my childrens names).

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    lilly-i prefer lily, its cuter to me...

    hanna-cute without the h




    thats it!

    but im sa cray whenit comes to names...i prefer stuff like



    peyton ella




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    Out of yours:








    My personal favorites: (all girls names)




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    abigail---best friends name

    teagan---always liked it

    Hanna with an h on the end though

    Addison---my 8 month olds name


    blake---my hubbys name

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