Would using plus or premium gas in a mustang gt, with 300 horsepower increase its performance?

If i use plus or premium oil would it damage the car???

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    trying to understand your question,

    1)300 hp is that measured at the rear wheels by a dyno or is that just published numbers?

    a stock gt depending on the year runs about 260 to 280 rwhp, so if you are stock stick with the octane recommended by ford, higher octane will do little for you.

    2)if you are modified, (CAI, exhaust underdrive pullleys, tuner chip) you may be running 310-320 rwhp (my last gt was in this range) and you should definitely be using 92 octane, 94 would be better, not so much for more power but because tuner chip had set an advance on the engine for higher octane..

    3)at only 300hp you are not supercharged, so running higher octanne is non-issue.

    now as for the oil that has nothing to do with performance but best lubricant is a top quality synthethic like motul or quaker state 10-30.

    bottom line unless your engine is tuned . raced ready to accept really punchy octane numbers stay with recommended fuel levels. if you enhance the engine and move into higher performance territory you may will require extra octane (by way of 94 octane gas or octane boost in a can or meth kits or race gas).

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    I can tell you my car runs better on ethel.. if you are going to the drags I would put premium in it, that way you get the most out of it. if the computer senses one little knock, it will pull out timing and horsepower..

    and yes the new GT's advertise 300 HP !

    Source(s): here they claim 1 more mpg when using premium in the v8 http://www.fueleconomy.gov/Feg/bymodel/1998_Ford_M...
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    relies upon on the motor vehicle and the useage. vehicles that are designed for mid grade or top classification could use it. Your vendors instruction manual or decal interior gas door could tell gas standards. vehicles which could run on familiar unleaded can see some average potential advantageous factors while using top classification, while heavily loaded. as an occasion, my chevy pickup gets familiar unleaded while i'm driving around city. If i'm towing some thing, i take advantage of top classification. maximum gas has detergents and additive applications in spite of octane score. So its no longer in basic terms like the engine is going to carbon up on familiar gas. The engine administration pc will enhance engine timing to spice up potential. it is going to enhance timing till spark knock is detected, then it is going to lower back off timing. bigger octane fuels enable extra spark timing in the previous knock happens, producing extra potential. you will no longer word the differance between familiar and top classification in a familiar motor vehicle driving around city. I do word a differance while its an entire-length chevy pickup towing 6000 pounds up a hill.

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    Using higher octane gas than the manufacture recommends does absolutely nothing for your car.

    But you end up paying a lot more for it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you use premium gas you get better performance do to the longer carbon chains


    Awww. Cute. We have a wannabe chemistry major.

    I don't remember that factoid from organic chemistry...

    That post just screams "Ban me now!"

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    Use the octane recommended for your vehicle.

    Anything above that, won't do a thing for you.

    It won't hurt the car, but it'll hurt your wallet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thats one of the reasons the Mustang is so amazing. it can perform as well as a porsche, corvette, or Viper without the high octane fuel.

    i love them. :)

  • G T
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    1 decade ago

    Not unless you advance the timing, and even then you wouldn't notice much difference.

  • 1 decade ago

    if u have a turbo or supercharger than yes but if not then no

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