Do county sheriffs have to follow city ordinaces/laws?

OK, so this morning I was on my way to work, on my motorcycle, and I had an over-zealous sheriff pull me over. First he told me he saw me do somethig illegal on my bike the day before so he had been waiting for me(doesn't this constitute police harassment, him being out of his jurisdiction and all) and then he threatened me with three more tickets for something he saw me do that morning. Then when I asked him why he was ticketing me, for something that the local police told me I could do, and then he told me that he doesn't have to follow what the city OR city police say, that he can interpret the law however he sees fit...This doesn't sound right to me, can anybody help me out?

He only ended up giving me one ticket, but not only was he an asshole about it, but then he told me that I am an inexperienced rider and I need to learn how to operate a motorcycle and I politely informed him that I have been riding motorcycles on dirt and street for over twenty years, and he told me to shut up and I quote, "Riding street and dirt are two different demons, and knowing how to operate a motorcycle cannot be obtained by riding off road..." Hey asshole, it would be better for everyone on the road if all motorcycle riders were familiar with dirt bikes before they attempt to ride on the street...At least it gives them a basis for operating the machines! He then told me to get on my bike and go before he decided to give me the rest of the tickets...

End Result, my opinions are confirmed once again...ACAB!

It never ceases to amaze me how much of ***** poeple with a little power can be, and how stupid they can make themselves sound when they think they are right, and are trying to prove it to someone.

A little respect goes along way, and until the cops of the world realize this simple life mantra, people will continue to have negative perceptions of those who, "Protect and Serve..." My explanation of this is they protect their own asses and serve themselves, while ******* over as many people as possible...And that comes with 30 years of experience on the other side of the law!

I think it is almost funny that I come from a family full of officers and they still can't get me to respect even a few of them (excluding Sgt. Mike Dunn PPD, who has proven himself to be an amazing human being and an exceptional officer of the law!)...

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    It's not harassment, not sure where you live, but in my jurisdiction we have a year to cite someone for an infraction if we witnessed it. I am a County P.O. and have full powers in all cities in my county and limited in the whole state. If I am busy and witness something I have a year to find you. First lay off the rant, makes you sound just as bad as you portray this Officer. Second, consider yourself lucky you only got one ticket. Third, you say a local P.O. said you could break whatever law you were breaking to get stopped? Not likely, they probably told you to take it easy but no P.O. would flat out tell someone to break the law. Fourth you say he was out of his jurisdiction, his POST certificate says State of _____. I too am a m/c rider and sometimes enjoy the 200+ hp my bike puts out but everything in life is a risk. You got caught deal with it. Request traffic school and "take it easy" as I'm sure you were told before.

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    it is unquestionably relies upon the place you're. right here in our us of a's capital you have city police agencies and the Marshals act as a Sheriff branch (i.e. the judicial branch's regulation enforcement arm). frequently, the city branch will act because of the fact the oftentimes happening regulation enforcement business enterprise (so in case you get broken into, robbed, and so on, those are the adult men which will respond). different cases the sheriffs place of work will serve suponeas, execute warrants, paintings interior the community detention center, and so on. in lots of places the sheriffs branch isn't possibly commonly used police paintings. Arlington County Police Deparment is the police for Arlington, VA the place as Arlington County Sheriffs place of work paintings the detention center. it is the norm in lots of places I even have seen. different factors (like in Florida the place my chum lives) the sheriffs are the oftentimes happening regulation enforcement business enterprise and there is not any "city" business enterprise. As for the stereotypes, i do no longer comprehend. There are fat law enforcement officials in each and every business enterprise. the reason of this is because you cease understanding.

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