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Is Tupac still alive?


dont be so dumb, get back before u make me tick

i'll hit you, i'll shoot you, i'll hurt with a brick

make sure to rap back and dont call in sick

haha, ur ryhmes made me laugh thanks for the kick

oh whatever im running out of words and the last one i can think of is lick

Update 2:

blahbidee bloo blah, i couldnt undertand a word you said

and for those who dont know, im Ninety9

this guy is rapping and trying to take whats mine

he cant even come with another line

if he gets any closer img onna take him out with my nine

no wonder i cant understand what he said, he drank too much wine!

lets hope he doesnt start to bytch and wine

let him take a few lessons from this player

i rap gold and spit fire and kill like a slayer

oh well i gotta brb cause its time for prayer


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  • Anonymous
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    I'm right here.

    u blind? im so clear

    After i murder ur homies, i'll leave u with fear

    u'll be waiting for me even after the 7 year

    Cut off your rear

    see me chop off your ear

    now quit being so queer.


    Homie run with all your might

    ur to blind to see ill bust u on my right

    u can't even call it a fight

    its way to bright

    like the sun added some light

    my flows to tight

    after i vanish i'll still be in sight

    you aint even black, take the paint off, show us your white

    U ever seen the kite runner?

    ill rape u like that, u and your brother

    i aint goin no where. stayin true forever

    im way to clever

    lift u up even with a fever

    make u scream husam's the succeeder

    cut ur *** in 2 with bigger teeth than a beaver

    make sure u never come out, u f3ckin winer


    yo i gotta bounce

    just one last thing i gotta announce

    i'll be back in a while

    don't run, i wana give u a taste of my west nile

    aight, pce

    edit: o **** man that was sick. lol the first line was eminem, ahaha. kk ima brb as well. Hit u with somethin. =p


    You can't even defeat my one line

    who got u thinkin u can do my whole rhyme

    Now its just a rap, might end in a crime

    No matter which way it plays, im fine

    i'll destroy u in just enough time

    Won't even by u with 5 dimes

    thats right, the price of 50 cent

    Murder you both and lock u up in my vent

    sell the house for rent

    Trust me. i know which way u went

    use my six sent

    make sure u never leave, unless ur bent


    you ain bald

    your a fricken bear

    gota improve your eye wear

    you can't even do a dare

    ill slap u with my stairs

    drop the whole house on your ***

    be careful you might break it

    you and your white mass

    My biggie contradiction:

    all i'll ever call you is fatso

    ur nothin like castro

    its my rap that flows

    your the ***** thats killin ****

    i never over did **** homes

    ur in the dangour zone not me

    u shouldn't be alone

    i aint holdin my hands for you

    i'll slap your *** back to the zoo

    Rofl, he says the opostie of that in victory,... ahaha, pce man ima play some x-box. i might be back =P

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yo! im down here, yeah im so near, i can see ur face full of fear

    what is the matter with you? cant you hear?

    im too slick, im everywhere, i can be anywhere even over here!

    anyways, im sitting here, having my sheesha thats too delicous

    when i come around, all of you should be precatious

    yeah run like the wind i see how you so scared

    only if u put some effort in ur ryhmes than you would care

    talk to me in front of my face, only if you dare

    im vicous and agressive just like a bear

    im so frikkin bald cause i got no hair

    haha :P

    haha now i got Young attacking me,

    by the way is that ur girlfriend on ur avatar looking at me?

    the only one who can save you from my deadly words is batman

    take off that mask and show ur true face

    you and i know both its full of disgrace

    yeah show it so i can make u drown with same mace

    what u forgot? im winning and this is a race!

    go back to court and finish ur case

    im done for the night, so keep it tight and dont be short on grace


  • 3 years ago

    because of the fact percentturned into actual. He became into extremely before his time. He became into religious and gangsta on the comparable time. human beings observed lots via his lyrics and nonetheless do. He had lots of masters left at the back of that he nonetheless has unreleased music. no longer too many human beings can lyrically or poetically be on the point percentturned into. this isn't any diverse than Elvis...percentis ineffective...enable the guy R.I.P.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, as a matter of fact I saw Tupac and Elvis Presley having at the Dun Bross nex to my apt.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your stupid...hes alive

    Youtube thumbnail

    biggie biggie biggie

    cant you see

    sometimes your words just hypnotize me

    and i just love yo goofy wayz,

    yo body's so fat its like a maze


    Yo look at this fatty

    he thinks hes a bear

    he might be one with the cute fluffy hair

    i start spittin rhymes in his face

    hes gets mad like "yo man gimme mah space"

    yah i give you myspace and everythin else, facebook too

    but ya cant deny you still livin in a chicken coop

    so hey mr. ninety9, one short of a hundred

    this is a playaz only,

    gotta have hund dread

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol! That dave Chappelle skit is so funny! How he says recent stuff and says he wrote in in 94. "RIP 2Pac"....."I will" ROFL!

    Lol we have both 2pac and Big Poppa in the Ramadan section.

    "Throw ur hands in the aya, if u's a true playa"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Michael Jackson is still alive, alhamdulillah.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some believe he is still alive and in hiding, any others believe he has passed away.

    Source(s): sui
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lol! Oh man, I really needed that laugh..thanks

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. The autopsy photos were released ages ago.

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