Illegal to leave political flyers on cars?

I know it's illegal to advertise using fliers on peoples' cars, but I wanted to see if it was illegal to do it with political fliers?

I had a rather "loud" and very obvious bumper sticker about a political topic I feel strongly about and some jerk put an opposing flier on my car and ONLY my car (I looked around), in a private lot at work. I initially tore it up, then I remembered there are laws against vendor fliers. I guess I really just want to know if I can sue the political activist group for tampering with my vehicle, or at least arrest the jerk who did it to me. Everyone is entitled to their political views; I feel harassed, to say the least.


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  • trai
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    It depends on your local (city or county) ordinance, but usually, if flyers are illegal, all types are, since the ordinances really exist to combat littering.

    You can sue anybody for anything, but you can only collect monetary damages.

    The criminal charge would only be an infraction, like a speeding ticket, for which a person is only fined, not arrested.

    I'm sure it's irritating, but it's not a legal matter, I'm afraid. When you vote for that guy's opponent, whisper something derogatory about his mother to yourself. You'll feel better. :)

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