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Know of any herbal suppliments used for anxiety?

I'm going off my medication cause I can't afford it without insurance anymore...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've had times in my life where I was heavily sedated on drugs like Ativan, Buspirone, and anti-anxiety/antidpressant meds like Paxil and Wellbutrin. I have found herbal alternatives that work for me, and, have worked for others.

    As I take it, what you are looking for is natural herbs that will calm the nervous system, which (not-ironically) are the same herbs that are used for insomnia, at lower dosage. I take it your depression is anxiety-related as is common when the duo arises, therefore taking anything that will calm the nervous system will too help your depression.

    I highly recommend Valerian. You can find it (and most, if not all, of the herbs I'll mention in this post) in grocery stores near the organic foods (usually on the same aisle that sells herbal teas, etc.). Side effects are minimal, and in me, none.

    I'll list the natural supplements I've tried in order of effectiveness (for me):

    Kava Kava.

    Most powerful herbal sedative I've tried. Brings intense calm with no lack in clarity of thought. The liver toxicity warnings are relevant but only at very very high doses. Try teas, Yogi Teas has a very good mix.


    My personal favorite. Take the lowest effective dosage that will bring you the most calm without compromising awareness, since higher doses (though safe) are great for insomnia (but you're not trying to go to sleep from the Valerian :D). Extremely effective and a great overall sense of well-being. There is no hangover effect of lag or tiredness as is the norm of western medical stress/insomnia relievers over the counter and prescription.


    Many people associate hops with beer, and, well, they are right. It is the same ingredient that is brewed for beer, and, truly, as in its herbal form, is a great remedy for nervous anxiety, irritability, and IBS.

    Passion flower.

    Effective anti-spasmodic that offers a calm "mildly" sedating effect.


    Effective for anxiety, nervous tension, and tremor/convulsions, and has been effective for relieving tension headaches, anorexia nervosa, anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, torette's syndrom, seizure/movement disorders.

    Bacopa ("Waterhyssop" "Brahmi").

    An Aryuvedic herb in which clinical research in lab animals shows promising results in same or greater effectiveness as Lorazepam with NO side-effects of amnesia or drowsiness. Human testing pending, however, research will discover that the claims are the same in humans.

    There are great proprietary blends, but if you go with a blend, look for one (most of them are) that has Valerian as the main active ingredient, as it more than likely will be the ingredient that will bring you the most beneficial results (the others are good because they add a different *type* of calm and mental awareness).

    Utilized alone, or in conjunction with other herbs, these herbs are all non-habit-forming, non-toxic, and are safe for most people, including children, but I must remind you to use caution when taking any medicine while on any pharmaceutical.

    Take these herbs as pills, tincture, or tea (I do not recommend smoking them), it is a matter of preference. I enjoy them as herbal teas, as the warmth is inherently calming and relaxing.

    Do not forget your B-vitamins. Often overlooked, yet essential.

    Please use wisdom and research.

    Do not overlook the benefits of meditation. Start 5-10 minutes and up to 15-20 minute sittings in the morning before you start your day. If there is a magical cure-it-all, it is meditation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bach's Rescue Remedy is always good to have on hand for attacks.

    Also the following nutrients are usually helpful:

    Multivitamin & mineral complex


    Vitamin C

    (For nutritional balance and adrenal support)

    Calcium 2000 mg daily - a natural tranquilizer

    Magnesium 600 mg daily - relieves tension, spasms, tics

    B-1 50mg 3 times daily - has a calming effect on the nerves.

    B-6 50mg 3 times daily - important in the production of certain brain chemicals.

    Zinc- 50 mg daily - can have a calming effect

    Chromium Picolinate - 200 mcg. daily - Chromium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've read that valerian root and valerian tea is good for anxiety. The capsules can be purchased at walmart. I've read to take 8 or 9 capsules which exceeds the recommended amount listed on the bottle in order to get the better results.

    Source(s): One is the book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing".
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  • 1 decade ago

    Kava Kava is illegal in Canada so I cannot recommend it. Valerian Root smells like rotten flesh (I have used it so I know) unless you buy the coated pills.

    The one supplement that I can recommend is L-Theanine ( a natural Amino Acid) that is extracted from Green Tea. It is amazing for anxiety. It is Non-Sedating and Non-Addictive.

    Good Luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    I don't know about Anti-Anxiety, Maybe St. Johns Wort- that maybe more of a mood enhancer though. But I once heard that to quit smoking you should drink Grapefruit Juice every morning. Apparently that is supposed to make the Cigarettes taste bitter. Don't know if it works or not though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it can be managed wel by homoeopathy the safest natural way of medication


    Painful apprehensive uneasiness of mind

    usually over impending anticipating ill.It can b felt under diff.cond.;when alone after eating/drinking

    wid other physical n mental complains abt financial/bznss matter/in a particular environment.

    Common in Yng adlts

    Psychological Factors:As a result of failure

    :A fear Response

    Clinical Manifestations:Referable 2 N.Sys imbal n commonly include palpitations,shortness of breathlessness,dryness of mouth,heaviness of head,giddiness n blurring of vision,xcessive sweating particularly in palm and soles

    Psychological Manifestations:Irritability n a morbid fear as if something dreadful is going happen.


    Hospitalisation-acute anxiety.


    Yoga and meditation

    Homoeopathic Medicines:

    Aur,Aur,Bry,Calc,Merc.c,Puls,Veratrum alb,Phos

    It can be managed by having proper homoeopathic treatment/

    u can go2 near by homoeopath/ u can feel free 2 contact me/

    log on 2

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  • 1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    My husband takes Relora, SAM-e, and valerian root is very helpful also.

    Source(s): self healer
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  • msuzyq
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    1 decade ago

    I take 5-HTP, I've also taken St.John's Wort, Sam-E, all have worked pretty well, I'm just bad about remembering to take them!. (don't take them all together!)

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  • 1 decade ago

    kava kava, I haven't used any of it personally but it's in my medicine cabnet, I was told by my doctor that it's mild and works great.

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