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Pistol help (Not A Hunting Question)?

What is the difference between a 9mm, .40, and a .45 and which one is the most powerful one of those and which is the most reliable and effective pistol and company please help?

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    The .45 ACP takes tops of the three you listed. There is a catch though there is more than one 9mm, more than one .40 and more than one .45. I'm guessing you meant .45 ACP, 9mm Luger (Nato, x19, parabellum) and .40 S&W.

    The .45 ACP uses typically a 230gr bullet moving at 850 fps at muzzle.

    The 9mm Luger uses typically either a 115gr or 124 gr moving at 1,155 to 1,090 fps from muzzle.

    The .40 S&W uses typically either a 155gr or 180 gr bullet moving at 1,205 to 990 fps at muzzle.

    As for firearms Glock makes a model cambering each of these cartridges. Actually they make three models chambered for each cartridge.

    Sig Sauer also makes good firearms and again make a model chambered for each cartridge listed.

    The time honored M1911A1 is a classic and while it was made for the .45 ACP it has been chamberd for the others. I like Kimber, but Springfield also makes good M1911A1s.

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    The difference is the size of the Bullet a 9mm is 9mm wide bullet a .40 or .45 cal is .40 or .45 inches wide the bigger the bullet the more mass that hits the target and that equals stopping power. The 9mm advantage is that it allows you to fit 15 rounds in the magazine while the bigger guns are stuck with 7 rounds. The 45 is the man stopper while the 40 is a good compromise between the two. The old 45 is a very reliable pistol but not quite so easy to master at longer ranges. The 40 is newer and lighter and more accurate at those distances but my favorite and most trusted will always be the Colt 1911A1.

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    45 is the largest, Of course, you shoot 10 rounds out of a 45, the kick is going to mess up your aim....40 is for people who couldn't handle the 10mm. 9mm has the highest velocity. I prefer personally a 357sig because it has more stopping power then the 9mm and a higher velocity then the 40. All are effective, even a 380 is effective if you know how to shoot. Why?

    Companies -




    They make the best guns...

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    45 Magnum, S&W, Ruger, Colt. As will others.

    Revolver is dead sure as you can get. These days the only drawback to an automatic is a misfire. You have more fire power with an auto but it is more difficult to recover from a misfire than with a revolver.

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    i like the .40 but you cant go wrong with the .45

    9mm takes too many rounds to stop.

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    you better get them while you can, once obama gets in there were going to have a big battle to keep those pistols

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