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Why are people acting like welfare is the newest invention?

Why are people acting like welfare is the newest invention?

People want to chant socialism socialism socialism!!!!! All day long, you see people on here saying. " people are waiting for their welfare checks to come if Obama becomes our president" Correct me if i am wrong, but people are already receiving welfare as it is. what was the bailout that was just GIVEN,what would you call that?

you all want to scream that people want handouts... so if its a handout to serve YOU,then it is ok right?


robert::::: what do you mean start up again? welfare never stopped

look, i dont enjoy working hard for people who do not do the same but there are people who cannot find a job and just lost a job...

Update 2:

Angelica---how is the bailout not welfare-- its the banks fault,they should bail themselves out,they did this right? just as u say that poor people or someone who has lost their job deserves no help correct. YOU ARE IGNORANT

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    Exactly! It isn't a new idea, its just putting more effort into making the system work for us. Obama is MORE socialist than the next person, but, HELLOOOOO.... we're all capitalists for the time being. Besides, Marx's theories about Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are starting to come true, anyone notice?

    EDIT: Also, wasn't it during the Great Depression that FDR got the county out of our hellhole by using government programs to help get people back in line? No one hates FDR... the only way to pay for these programs is to get out of the country's debt... i.e. we must pay more money to balance the budget.

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    I think what you are referring to when people make the comment about waiting for their welfare checks to come is in regard to Obama's tax plan. His plan to cut taxes on 95% of American Families. This is what they mean about welfare. 40% of those 95% who are promised lower taxes by obama, do not pay any taxes. So those 40% are going to get a check sent to them, even though they didn't put anything in. That is why people are saying it is welfare. Giving a check to someone who didn't contribute in the first place is welfare.

    The bailout is completely different, and for you to compare them shows not only your ignorance but that you are trying to compare apples and oranges. While I can't stand the fact that a bailout was approved, it was what was/is needed. If banks don't lend, our country is in deep shi*. It wasn't welfare, it was a loan. Huge difference. Now I am not saying the bailout was a good idea, but you can't compare the two.

    This is what is so wrong with voters today. The majority, such as yourself, have no idea what they are talking about.

    Source(s): Edit: If someone lost their job, then they get unemployment. They don't need welfare. If they can't get a job then need to do something to improve their situation. Go back to school, learn a new skill, not just depend on the government to hand them money, food stamps, etc. I never said I was against welfare, I do believe there are people who truly need it, however i think it should be limited to a certain time frame, just like unemployment. also, regading the bailout, this wouldnt have happened had people not lived above their means and bought things they couldn't afford. We wouldn't be in this position if people took responsibilty for their debts. But why should they when the government continues to allow them to get away with it.
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    Nobody wants welfare. Rich middle class not even the poor . We all know it sucks . But the big corporations did this by outsourcing all the work that we did at one time . Now they are in the hole as well as we are . The difference is they get billions and scream at us that we are not deserving for a decent meal or should own a home . They are ravaging that money like wild dogs fighting over prey that was just killed . Why is it every time a Republican screws up the middle class has to reeducate himself . Shouldn't the upper class reeducate them self so in order not to screw up as much as they do with all that money ? Can we even trust the upper class with 800 billion or are they going to lose our money to. All we all heading for the worse depression in history . I think so . The upper class couldn't hang on to there own money why would they hang on to ours.

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    It's a matter of degree. If I handed you a big bowl of salt and suggested that you eat it you'd probably decline. Would you find it persuasive if I pointed out that you've been eating salt in your daily diet all your life? Probably not. I see this same silly argument repeated here daily. Yes, a social safety net is necessary. But that's no argument in favor of taxing the rich in order to write checks directly to those who already pay no federal income taxes.

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    Welfare was slowly losing its hold on us. It enabled too many people to become compliacent about their self esteem and working. We do not need this to start up again.

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    Its just a campaign tactic. Welfare has actually decreased over the past 20 years.

  • Wealth redistribution equals welfare. It is actually that simple. Obama wants to expand it dramatically and fund it on the backs of those who actually contribute to the growth of this country.

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    THE RIGHT think that welfare is bull**** anyway. Why would we want to pay even more for it under Obama?

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    right...cause where im from I have to live in the same apt building and pay 1000 a month when a loud mouth ni99er gets to stay home and have fun...i cant afford a bottle of patron...she buys one every night. I have to get hood rats to do my hair...she gets to go to the beauty salon.

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