tap dance tap dance tap dance?

i need help I want to be a dancer but 14 is that to old to start

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    its not too old. ANYONE can do tap. Its all about learning the basics and building from there. My school is doing a tapping musical and a lot of my friends who are not dancers are going to dance classes to learn as much as they can in six months before auditions.

    I would recommend starting a teen tap class (check around local studios) if you cant afford them or cant take lessons for some other reason look on youtube. there are TONS of beginning tap classes online.

    My favorite is:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Basics you should learn: flap, shuffle, brush, heel, toe, stomp, stamp, and hop ((they are very easy to learn))

    then learn: time steps, paddle and roll, sherly temple, draw backs, pull backs, and cramp rolls

    advanced stuff: wings, fake wing time steps, cramp roll time steps, shave and a haircut, toe taps, and turns

    ^note some moves vary in name depending on your teacher/studio but its usually around the same


    Source(s): 14 years of tap
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    Tap is my favorite type of dance. I've trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern/contemporary as well, but tap is at the top of the list :) I love the musical element of it as well as the movement. I started when i was nine, I believe, and I'm now a teacher at my local studio. It really is never too late to start. I have a teen beginner class this semester, and some of my students are 16 and 17 years old. I'm also working on a charity event set up kind of like a local version of dancing with the stars, and one of the 'celebrities' I'm working with is 74, and he's doing just fine.

    Find a studio or teacher around your area and ask if they offer lessons to older beginners. Private lessons are also an option. They're probably preferable because of the one-on-one time and less pressure from any other students.

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    It would be old to start for ballet, but for tap it's not a problem.

    I know women who have started tap dancing at the age of 30 and have become great dancers. Just work at it.

    Tap dancing is amazing, don't be discouraged. Give it a try!

    Source(s): 20 years of dance training, 5 years as a choreographer
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  • 1 decade ago

    It may be older than a lot of professionals started, but if you work really hard you have a shot at it.

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