What is it that sets the Atheists apart from the rest of mankind?

What makes the Atheists different...?

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    Atheists are different. They are basically Moral and they are honest. In addition to that, they are smart. Have you ever met a dumb Atheist? Have you ever met an Atheist who hasn't done his religious homework? Have you ever met an Atheist who didn't know as much or more about your Bible history than you do? Have you ever met an Atheist who did not conduct his/her life in a generally Moral fashion?

    What Atheist has ever bombed a hospital? What Atheist has ever shot a doctor over whether a woman should or should not have the right to determine if she will be pregnant? What Atheist has ever formed legislation to take away the justice and civil rights of any group in this country? That I think sets the atheists apart from the rest and which makes us unique.

    Source(s): Escape from Dogma
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    In general nothing, but there's a reason for the label. The label doesn't distinguish atheists as people, it distinguishes what a specific individual believes versus what other individuals may believe. Just like christianity does not in general set a person apart from everyone else, and does not in general make christians different. We are essentially all the same. We're all human, we all need the same things. We're all differentiated by our thoughts, our circumstances, our decisions, etc.

  • Dawn G
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    1 decade ago

    Not much.

    Imagine you are in a room with ten strangers. None of you have ever met before.

    You can ask each of them one question, but not regarding gods or religion.

    It can be a different question for each one.

    Do you you think you will be able to spot the one atheist in the room?

    Atheists have no belief in any god. That is the only thing all of them have in common.

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    Atheists are the free clear thinkers, were it not for the Atheists, this country would already be a religious, political or military dictatorship.

    And just like everyone else, we are also patriots and citizens of this world. And definitely we are not the troublemakers, traitors, terrorists, conspirers, and sometimes the so called Liberal Democrats as what the church and government would call us.

    Source(s): a jovial atheist
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Usually a higher Intelligence Quotient

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Personal Honesty.

    I simply don't accept that subjectivity or emotional feelings are good enough to support reality.

    I know that my personal impression of the bible or a teaching or a belief, isn't good enough to prove it is true. I understand that measurable proof is required for absolute reality. Believers, accept emotion as proof.

  • 1 decade ago

    That no one else can take them seriously and most of us find it sad that the Spirit of God that holds all things together is being denied. They stand with the breath of God in them as a miraculous testimony to the Creator. But all they do in deny deny deny.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We don't blindly follow something because of either:

    A. Everybody else does


    B. Because we're scared and don't want to die without a supposed afterlife.

    We are truly better because we don't need a crutch like religion or god

  • 1 decade ago

    Why do you want them to be different?

    Why can't you just treat Atheists as human beings?

    Source(s): Agnostic
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    1 decade ago

    Nothing, as far as I am concerned (and when you phrase it that way). I am living breathing homo sapiens sapiens, and I've got the genes to prove it.

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