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Jewish holocaust&Native american genocide?


and what are differences?

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    The Jewish holocaust occurred over 6 years. The "Native American Holocaust" has been ongoing for 500 hundred years.

    Up until 1980s Native children were taken from their families and placed in boarding schools. The government knew that more than 50% of the children died in those schools and did nothing. Children were physically abused, sexually abused and murdered.

    Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools



    On April, 2003, six members of the Sioux Nation filed a class-action lawsuit against the United States on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans mistreated in government-run boarding schools

    Zephier, et al. (Sioux Nation). v. United States of America Complaint


    The same policy was carried out in Canada

    In Canada, up until 1985, Christian churches ran around 100 boarding schools for aboriginal children. Reportedly, more than 50,000 children died in these schools.

    A 2001 report by the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada

    "The report says church officials killed children by beating, poisoning, electric shock, starvation, prolonged exposure to sub-zero cold while naked, and medical experimentation, including the removal of organs and radiation exposure



    To prevent state and county welfare agencies from stealing Native American children and placing them in in Non–Native homes, Native Americans were successful in getting The Indian Child Welfare Act passed in 1978.

    American Indian Child Welfare Act



    Thousands of Native American men and women were sterilized right up to the 1980s. Even though the investigations began in the late 1970s

    A Look at the Indian Health Service Policy of Sterilization, 1972-1976


    A History of Governmentally Coerced Sterilization: The Plight of the Native American Woman


    The United States and Canada carry out the same policies in regard to their Native populations. Here is another example.

    1928: Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in Alberta, allowing any inmate of a native residential school to be sterilized upon the approval of the school Principal.

    1933: An identical Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in British Columbia. Two major sterilization centres are established, in which thousands of native men and women are sterilized by missionary doctors until the 1980’s.

    Hidden from History


    Past and Present Oppression in Canada


    From starvation, death marches, confinement and medical experimentation they are the same.

    For Native Americans it is long standing and an ongoing situation that no one wants to acknowledge.


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    Well, there's the Armenian Genocide, and the Rwandan (Burundi) Genocide, and the Bosnian Genocide. Oh, and the Khmer Rouge. All of these are quite controversial in terms of the definition of "genocide." That is particularly true of the Armenian experience and the Turkish view (though there's no argument regarding the well documented genocidal targeting of the Jews by the Nazis). I think you should read up on "genocide," not only on the 5th site below, but also in books written by serious scholars of the subject. They understand the arguments -- both personal, national, and international -- best. Good luck. Many countries and cultures are still arguing about this.

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    The only similarities were that large numbers of people were exterminated, and the misunderstandings between races & cultures were used as the excuse to make it more palatable to those who were involved.

    The differences are; the Jews in Europe were already living and working in the same society as their oppressors when they were targeted, the native Americans were (mostly) not. The Jews were, by and large, immigrants (refugees) from a foreign land (Russia, a longtime enemy of Germany) being targeted by the natives, while the native Americans were on their own land, and it was the immigrants that were exterminating them. The Jews were rounded up & collected for 'processing', hunted wherever they hid, while the native Americans mostly died standing their ground to defend what was rightfully theirs.

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    Read "Holocaust: A History" and " American Holocaust." If you read those two books, you will be able to answer this question yourself very easily.

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    Holocaust was planned and performed systematically by an ideology, US Genocide was the unavoidable result of immigration and searching for land.

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    Bleeding hearts abound. Both races allowed themselves to be treated like they were.

    Some people believe it never happened.

    And anyway, what was Native American Genocide? Who carried it out, how did they? Do you have facts and figures or just stories?

    DIfferences, millions of people who contributed to their countries (Jews) were murdered intentionally. The AMerican Indians suffered the truth of Darwin: They could not compete, they were pushed aside. The American Indians were a group of nomadic savages.

    I know I will get thumbs down and reported for this. But look at it realistically and not from something you heard from Marlon Brando.

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    look it up your self, lazy butt

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