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Hiring a car and driving in Rome ?


I am going to Rome for a weeks holidaythe last week of november I would like to visit Venice when I am there (staying overnight). I have looked at all options and as I am on a tight budget hiring a car seems to be the cheapest way. Can anyone tell me what it is like to drive in Italy? I am used to driving abroad I lived in Barcelona, Andorra for over 2 years. I also have a GPS for all of Europe so I dont' get lost.

Thanks sam

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    Driving on the autostrada and around the Italian countryside is no problem at all. However, I would never consider driving in Rome. Even though it's a little more expensive, see if you can rent a car at the airport or at least somewhere on the outskirts of the city if you're going to do this.

    I find it hard to believe that renting a car can beat the price of the train when you consider the fuel and parking costs here. You can get a 2nd class ticket on the intercity train for 30.80 at the discounted Amica fare. (You have to buy the ticket at least one day in advance). If the intercity schedule doesn't match your needs, the faster Eurostar trains are 44.90 euro at the Amica rate or 56.10 euro at the standard rate.

    You might also consider the night train that leaves Rome at 10:50 and arrives in Venice at 5:03 am. You can sleep through the night in a berth in a 4 bed cuchette for 56.50 euro and you don't have to pay for a hotel for that night. (45.20 euro Amica).

    I live in northern Italy and frequently use the night trains for longer trips. It works out great because you travel at times you'd normally be sleeping anyway and maximize sightseeing time.


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    You must have a death wish! NOBODY should drive in Rome except for Romans!

    That GPS is going to come in handy!

    If you are only using the car to get to Venice, however, I'm sure you'll be okay. Just DON'T DRIVE IN THE CITY! Honest! You know the stereotype about the Romans...they are WORSE!

    I should think that driving on the highways would be okay. But remember, Gas/petrol costs about $7 - 8 US over there! Might not be such a budget option when you add it all up. I would suggest the trains, or one of those budget airlines.

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    Conley has the right idea. Take the trenitalia, it's cheaper. I don't see how renting a car can beat the train system. When I visit Italy, I rent only because there are no trains that go into Vieste (where my cousins are) and driving from Venice to their homes (all of whom live along the Adriatic) is a pleasant experience. There are trains that go into Foggia/Bari (Puglia) , but then again, I need to rent a car to get to Vieste even though there are busses that go into Vieste.

    Driving in Italy on the autostrada is just the same as driving on any major US Interstate, but when you get into the city proper, it does get hectic.

    When I do drive into major cities, Roma, Firenze, Milano, Bologna, Verona, Venezia, Pesaro, Ancona, Foggia, Bari), I immediately go the hotel and park. After that I use the Metro or Train system.

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    If you are in Rome forget the car because it's not worth the trouble.

    For the sort time you are in Italy it will be a lot cheaper and less stress to take the train.

    I like the other people here on answers know the situation and want you to have a good holiday.

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    The metropolis of Rome was built on top of the ancient town, therefore there are too many cars, too narrow streets and traffic is crazy.

    I'm Italian and I often go to Rome but NEVER by car. Parking is a nightmare, and when you happen to find one it's expensive. Consider that for Romans that live in the outskirts is absolutely normal to spend a couple of hours in traffic jams daily.

    You will fly to Rome. From inside the airport of Fiumicino you can reach the train station terminal and from there take a train to Roma Termini (central station). It costs 9,50 Euro and takes half an hour.

    Inside Rome use subway or bus to travel around the town. You can buy day tickets, 3 days tickets or 1 week tickets (16,00 Euro) that allow you to use both means of transportation inside Rome as many times you want. Fast and easy.

    For more info, maps and all rates:

    When you have just a week you don't want to spend it inside a car.


    From Roma Termini you can reach Venezia by train ending at Venezia Santa Lucia station. A Eurostar train takes about 4 hours 20' and is direct, but there are no night trains, the last one leaves Rome around 18:50. It's a fast train and the price is around 60,00 Euro one way.

    See link:

    From there you must take a boat (vaporetto) to the town, as you know it's an island. There are several types of tickets here as well.

    Here's the link to the company that manages the transfers by boat around Venice:

    Hope you'll enjoy your stay in my beautiful Country!

    Source(s): I'm Italian. What better source than that?
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    I do not believe that hiring a car, paying for gas, paying for tolls and paying for parking is cheaper than taking the train for less than 150 euro RT. Gas alone should cost 100 euros.

    Let alone driving in Rome where signs and road marks are mere suggestions.

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    I wouldn't drive in Rome for love nor money! The traffic is extremely heavy, very fast, and it appears that most people view traffic signals, lane markings, and even one-way street designations as mere suggestions to be ignored. I hope you have plenty of life insurance!

  • When the car was invented the clutch and accelerator(gas pedal) were on the inside, but the brake was a handle on the outside. I don't think the Italians have realised there has been a change.

    FortuFortunately of the car they are great people

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    Yes. Any valid licence will do, but you have to be at least 21 to hire a car in Italy.

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    i'm a brit in italy.. i don't live in a city but in a little village.. to be honest i hate driving here.. it's mental.. no matter where you are it's crazy.. i drovearound the napoli circular a couple of years ago.. it took years off me..

    all i can advise you is to take out fully comp insurance, don't drink and drive, like a lot of people do, and always keep your eyes peeled.

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