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Windows XP blue loading bar?

My Windows XP starts up and when it gets to the blur loading bar it takes like 8 or 9 bars to go across.How can I make it have less time to get past that part?When we first bought the computer it took like 3 to 4.

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    start button->run->type"msconfig"->startup tab->uncheck all->apply->restart pc. when the windows loads, a dialogue box appears. check the checkbox and ok.

    using antivirus delays startup time. follow steps below once a month

    1. clean ur system restore files once a month.

    ex: right click drive c->properties->disc cleanup-select all box. then click more option tab->under system restore->cleanup->yes->ok->yes

    2. clean all junk files

    a: show hidden files first. my computer->tools->folder options->view tab->check ''show hidden files and folders"->apply->ok

    b: drive c->documend and settings->your user account name folder->local settings->clean all files under ''temp'' and ''temporary internet files''.

    c. drive c->windows->prefetch (clean all files)

    d. drive c->windows->temp (clean all files)

    e. follow step "a'' to hide the system files

    3. check for errors regularly

    4. then defragment all drives (c drive is must)

    5. use eset nod32 antivirus (pc magazine award for top class protection against virus, spyare, malware, spam, firewall. it doesnt make pc slow)

    last, if u think that cleaning junk files are complicated then download this software. install it and click all the checkboxes and clean. it will clean all junk and temporary files in one click. it is safe.

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    When you first get a computer it has just the basic progs with fewer apps loading at startup. As you add stuff you have more apps loading at boot so it takes longer. Go into msconfig startup and uncheck the boxes for progs you don't need starting up with windows like Real Player, Quicktime, Adobe, any Messengers, etc. Less apps you have firing up with Windows the faster it will boot. Click on the start button then type msconfig in the little window above the start button where it says "Start Search" then click on the "Startup" tab.

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    4 years ago

    examine your laptop specs. Are you constructive your laptop is able to working abode windows XP? Are you constructive your laptop isn't purely being sluggish? a pair of different innovations have been pronounced before consisting of pressing F8 and commencing abode windows in "risk-free Mode" with a view to troubleshoot the slowness. the different suggestion is a equipment restoration from the final regularly occurring solid configuration. in case you do get a huge gamble to get into abode windows XP, immediately test for spyware and viruses just to make constructive that they are no longer the culprits in the back of your challenge right here.

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  • What the other guys have said are correct. If you really wanna speed up your PC then its good to do regular maintenance like disk cleanup, disk defragmenting, check system for errors. You can also try upfrading your hardware duch as RAM and of course the processor. 1 Gb RAM is good for XP. And also a dual core processor.

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    try going into start - run - msconfig - startup and services tabs

    take some things out of there

    maybe google things to see what you can uncheck

    also do a free scan with anti-malware, by malwarebytes. its best and free and works

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    Download and run spybot

    Add Ram

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