Who hijacked the republican party?

The republican party isn't the same. What happened to it? When did it begin to change and who (or what movement, event, or idea) is responsible?


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    They aligned with Jerry Falwell's "Moral Majority" in 1979 and then the so-called "Religious Right" in the 80s. Since then, the basic tenets of the Republican party have been eclipsed by the Sociocons' and Theocons' fascist agenda. (And seriously...look up the definition of fascism on the internet and you'll see how neatly Bush's administration falls into the parameters.) The Republican party has ALWAYS been about maintaining the status quo. That's not a slam -- that's a generally accepted characterization of the conservative movement. They believe that the values and the successes of the past should provide the foundation and framework for the present. It is preferred that if change DOES happen, it should happen slowly. (Although, really, the preference is for as little change as possible. Goes back to that status quo thing.) But one of the problems inherent in that philosophy is that the Republicans really don't care too much about equality or such lofty ideals as "liberty and justice for ALL." The ascension of the Religious Right has moved the party farther afield of its original libertarian precepts -- the ideal of live and let live -- and has heralded a new age of loss of personal liberties because the Republican Party insists on governing with a Bible in one hand in a country in which the majority continues to self-identify as Christian, but studies show that with each passing decade, that majority is decreasing. Just as with each passing decades, whites become a smaller and smaller majority in this country, and it is expected that by 2040, they will be the minority race in America. Today's Republican party is NOT my mother's Republican party. When Obama talks about how McCain doesn't get it, this is what resonates with me. McCain and the Republican party doesn't seem to understand that we are not the vastly white, anglo-saxon protestant nation we once were. They need to wake up and catch up and get their heads out of the sand.

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    The extreme right Hijacked it. That would be the same Ideology as the Nazi party. This is why Bush and Cheney are hated by almost everyone, but they call those of us conservatives (like me) who scream about the present looking like the 1930s in Germany crazy. Look for yourself. There are camps fully staffed built by Halliburton and KBR. I kid you not. The Idaho National Guard was recently disarmed, it's men sent to Iraq. When the Commanders of the guard asked why, the Army said,"There's gonna be a party this winter and you're not invited". This mirrors directly with the months preceding the Night of the Long Knives, in which the SS killed all members of the SA.

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    Politicians, like Mitch McConnell - Current Minority Leader of Congress for the Republicans, Dick Cheaney, George W. Bush, and Henry Kissinger became assosciated and ran the party to the ground.

    I was fond of Bob Dole, would not have voted for him because would not have made a good president and Clinton was a godsend. But, as far as Cons go Dole was a humble, hardworking, decent man and an American patriot. Good for him that he still keeps on trucking.

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    Barry Goldwater of Arizona in 1964 turned the Republicans from just the party of fiscal responsibility and business, to the party it is now. It took 44 years for it to evolve to what it is now, but his presidential campaign, though unsuccessful, was definitely the spark.

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    Your question actually applies to the Democrat party. Here is why;

    Just to be as accurate as I can, I'm going to start with the words of Nikita Kruschev (April 17, 1894 – September 11, 1971... curious date, huh?) , spoken around the time I started voting. He said; " 'We will bury you'. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you". " Soon after that time period, numerous soviet professors 'defected' and joined the teaching staff at our universities. In fact, His younger son Sergei emigrated to the United States and is now an American citizen and a Professor at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. Defections continued through the '60s and early '70s. Many having so-called 'state secrets' to divulge. For some reason, the soviet professors were allowed to teach in our schools. It was speculated nd discussed as to whether this was a good idea, but few real precautions were taken.

    Notable colleges with such professors include; California State U, Monterey U and other southern California Unviersities. Where the 'hippie' movement started. Coincidence?

    ""But in September 2002, a German cabinet minister, Herta Dauebler-Gmelin, had the nerve to compare Mr. Bush to Hitler. In one post-Iraq-war poll 40% of Canada's teenagers called the U.S. "evil," and even before the fall of Saddam 57% of Greeks answered "neither" when asked which country was more democratic, the U.S. or Iraq.

    Sowing the seeds of anti-Americanism by discrediting the American president was one of the main tasks of the Soviet-bloc intelligence community during the years I worked at its top levels. This same strategy is at work today, but it is regarded as bad manners to point out the Soviet parallels. For communists, only the leader counted, no matter the country, friend or foe. At home, they deified their own ruler--as to a certain extent still holds true in Russia. Abroad, they asserted that a fish starts smelling from the head, and they did everything in their power to make the head of the Free World stink....

    The final goal of our anti-American offensive was to discourage the U.S. from protecting the world against communist terrorism and expansion. Sadly, we succeeded....

    Now we are again at war. It is not the president's war. It is America's war, authorized by 296 House members and 76 senators. I do not intend to join the armchair experts on the Iraq war. I do not know how we should handle this war, and they don't know either. But I do know that if America's political leaders, Democrat and Republican, join together as they did during World War II, America will win. Otherwise, terrorism will win. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi predicted just before being killed: "We fight today in Iraq, tomorrow in the land of the Holy Places, and after there in the West." " (quote from a top soviet defector)

    "A divided house will not stand." We all know that phrase. This is real. It is ongoing. This was all planned decades ago and the youth of America made it easy to implement. I fell for it way back when, too. I can't pinpoint when I woke up to what was being poured into my head, but I did finally realize that something was wrong and have spent the last 15 years or so trying to figure out what, how and why. The Obama camp may or may not even realize they are doing the work started in the '50s. I know where the blame lies.

    Communism, Marxism, Stalinism, Religious extremists (currently Al-Quaida) are all tied in together. How many can read this and still say their eyes will not open. This brainwashing, for that is what it is, was purposefully put in place to weaken America. When we are ready, they will come for us. Count on it.

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    It started to change when Republicans put themselves out as conservatives to get elected and then went liberal. Too much "reaching across the aisle." I vote for conservative representation, even if it means a write-in. It started changing after Ronald Reagan. George Bush the elder did not follow his conservative ideals and went back on his campaign promise about no new taxes. Bush the son is more liberal in his programs and spending than Bill Clinton. McCain will follow suit.

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    The politicians rolled over to Religious Right. The GOP is no longer a viable political group but a hang-up for religious nuts and right-wing nut cases. That's why I am no longer a Republican.

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    I asked myself this yesterday.

    I miss the Grand Old Party of the 1850's-1920's.

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    It changed after the 1964 election. Goldwater was the last true Republican and that nomination was a fight for the party's soul. Ronald Reagan was the result and the cause of most of our economic problems today.

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    Repubs buried Conservatism with Reagen.

    McCain - Palin - A Clear Difference

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