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Can you translate this from Russian language please ?

privet izveniaus za stol pozdni zvonok, bil bi ras poznakomitsa s toboi. Ne podumai plaxova. Chitaiu razgadivaia krasvord natknulsa na tvoio facebook. Esli ne protiv nashdva znakomstva budu jdat otveta.

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    Hi! forgive me for my late call. I would like to meet you - don't think something is wrong. I was reading a crossword and stumbled across (found) your facebook. If you don't object to meet me, I will wait for your answer.

    Source(s): Russian native speaker sorry for mistakes in English if there are ones
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi. Sorry for stol?? pozdni?? bell/call. I would like to know you. Don't think plaxova??. I found yous facebook while doing a crossword. If you have nothing against our friendship, I will wait for your reply.

    Maybe it's not the best one but I haven't spoken Russian for ages..


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