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What would cause an electric cooling fan to keep running after you shut the car off on a 2002 Jeep Cherokee? ?


It will stay on until the battery goes dead possible stuck relay ???

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    If this is a grand cherokee the problem is most likely your Radiator fan relay located under the right headlamp assembly. You can stop the fan from running down your battery by opening the hood and looking at the PDC (fuse block) located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Open it and remove the radiator fan fuse. This will shut the fan down. Don't forget to put the fuse back in when you run the vehicle or you will overheat. The relay is a real pain in the a@# to get two. You need to remove the front facia and facia support to access it. They are a common enough problem that if the vehicle is correct I am probably right.

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    It is normal for the cooling fans to run on for a few minutes after the vehicle has been turned off. If the fans NEVER shut down you may have a faulty fan control sensing unit.

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    The coolant temp has not gone down enough to turn off the fan. It's normal. All cars with electric fans do it.

    Oh wait does it keep doing it for hours till the battery dies?

    Maybe its a faulty switch. LOL!

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    As long as the coolant sensor senses heat to a value that energizes the sensor to activate the fan it will do so. Until the coolant has reached a predetermined value. There is what's called a thermoresister inside the sensor.

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    Sorry Mike j for the thumbs down I meant to hit thumbs up It won't let me change it.You are right.

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