What facilities need to make nuclear weapon?

How many different facilities need to make nuclear weapon?

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    There are many facilities and technologies involved.

    Generally, you have to have a

    (1) design facility to come up with the design,

    (2) a nuclear material facility to create the plutonium or enriched uranium,

    (3) a machining facility to form these nuclear fissionable materials into a subcritical mass,

    (4) a high explosive facility to create the means of assembling the materials to a critical mass on detonation,

    (5) a facility to produce a device to generate neutrons,

    (6) a facility to produce the other pieces needed to detonate the high explosive and assemble the critical mass,

    (7) a power supply facility to build an energy source that can make all that happen in concert,

    (8) an assembly facility where you can put all the pieces together,

    (9) and a set of other facilities that can create a means of transporting the nuclear weapon to a target safely and securely, which is usually called a delivery system (airplane or missile, for example).

    Oh, you also have to have a bank to pay for all of this, which means that making a nuclear weapon is very expensive, and chances are good that it will not work without doing a lot of testing at a testing facility.

    You will also have to have "second order" support facilities such as needed to dispose of the waste materials from the fission fuel separation or processing plant and electric generating power plants to supply huge amounts of power to any uranium enrichment plants involved and/or a lot of water to cool the plutonium production reactor, depending on your choice of fission fuel for your bomb.

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    My guess is that one has to make the rocket (This is only if it is a ICBM). One has to make the warhead and one has to combine the elements and install them into the warhead.

    ICBM is Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

    Source(s): Only a guess
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