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HUMAN asked in 汽車與交通航空器 · 1 decade ago


空服員機上餐飲 服務流程& 艙等的區別性!! 英文詳解''

EX: 長程與短程航線餐食提供的區別!!

頭等艙 與 經濟艙 餐飲上 有何限制 與 不同!!

Beverages 所提供的艙等 有何區別!!

~ 需 英文詳解~ thanks ~^^ (+10 . )



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    The differences of meal serving between short and long range flights


    For instance of the meals in the economy class cabin:


    In the short-range flight, the flight attendants do not have enough time to serve full-set meals during the flights due to the limitation of serving time. In stead, they serve sandwiches and soft drinks at the same time. By doing so, the flight attendants could save much more time to prepare for the approach and landing.


    In the long-range flight, the flight attendants have sufficient time to prepare and serve meals to passengers. First, they serve the full-course meal on a tray. The course includes a bun with butter, a salad in a small tray, a small orange juice in a round plastic container, a dessert cake and the main course usually chicken or beef noodle / rice. After that, the attendants with come back again to serve different soft drinks or liquors. Finally, they will serve tea or coffee.

    在長程的飛行中,空服人員有充裕的時間準備並供應餐飲給旅客。首先他們會供應一份裝在餐盤裡的套餐,包括:麵包/奶油、一份裝在小盤子裡的沙拉、一杯以塑膠容器裝的橘子汁、一份甜點蛋糕以及牛肉或雞肉麵 / 飯的主餐。之後,空服人員會再來一趟供應不同的飲料或酒類。最後他們會供應茶或咖啡。

    The differences of meals serving between economy class and first class cabin


    There are two main differences, the food and the way of serving.


    With regard of food, in the economy class cabin, flight attendants serve normal quality food, drinks, and liquors. In business or first class cabin, flight attendants serve excellent quality food items, wines, and liquors. Especially, the supply of drinks, wines and liquors is unlimited at any time. In addition, the passenger is offered many food choices, such as different types of bread, different brands of wines. At the end, they serve fresh fruit and cheese.


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    With regard to the way of serving, in the business or first class cabin, each flight attendant only serve several passengers, they will call their names when approaching the passengers.

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    Secondly, the food does not put in one tray as it is in the economy class cabin. Different food put in different top quality china dishes. After finishing one dish, the flight attendants serve the next one. The passengers are given full set of stainless steel silverware instead of plastic ones.

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