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ㄚ威 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

how do you do與nice to meet you

請問how do you do與nice to meet you使用時機



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    How do you do 與 Nice to meet you 不同之處:

    How do you do? ==> 是 " 你好嗎 "

    初次見面、或當有人問你這句話時,必須回答:I'm fine. Thank you.(我很好,謝謝你)

    或是反問他:I'm fine. And you?

    Nice to meet you ==> 很高興見到你 (很高興認識你)

    通常用於初次見面。當有人這麼對你說時,禮貌一點也回他相同的話,如: Nice to meet you, too. 或直接回答:Me too.(我也是) 或 Same here (彼此彼此)



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    對方說how do you do , 回答也是how do you do

    Nice to meet you, too.


    “Nice to meet you.”來表示很高興認識對方。

    而回答可用“Nice to meet you.”或“Nice to meet you, too.”

    2008-10-28 11:58:32 補充:

    how do you do

    回答一定要用how do you do

    絕對不能回答I'm fine. Thank you.

    那是問How are you?的回答


    how do you do與nice to meet you


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