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8.不僅如此.坐捷運還可以到西子灣Sizihwan看海或Ciaotou Sugar Refinery 吃冰



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    1. Lives in Kaouhsiung is a very good matter.

    2. Not only good communications. Also has the beautiful scenic spot.

    3. We may ride the bicycle to admire the scenery along the bike path.

    4. Tired has also been possible to stop down drinks cup coffee break.

    5. If you want to go shopping. May choose travels by MRT to go to the Department store.

    6. Besides has Hanshin nearby arena. Also has the famous sightseeing night market.

    7. There has delicious food.

    8. Not only that. Sits MRT also to be possible to arrive at West Lake bay Sizihwan to look that the sea or Ciaotou Sugar Refinery eats the ice


    9. Moreover, MRT can arrive importantly transfers the station. Goes to work attends class or is very convenient to the outside areas.

    10. Kaouhsiung is really the vital function very convenient city.




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    1. Living in Kaohsiung is wonderful.

    2. The city has not only convenient transportation, but also many beautiful scenic spots.

    3. You can peddle along any of the bike trails and enjoy the view.

    4. When you get tired, you can stop by a cafe for a coffee break.

    5. If you want to shop, the MRT can take you to most major department stores.

    6. Near Kaohsiung Arena is Hanshin Department Store, as well as a famous scenic night market.

    7. There you can enjoy many delicious foods.

    8. And that's not all; the MRT can also take you west to Sizihwan for the spectacular seaside sunset, or north to Ciaotou Sugar Refinery for popsicles or other icy treats.

    9. Moreover, the MRT's connections with other transportations make transfers to work or school or other places easy.

    10. Kaouhsiung really is a city where living is nice and easy.

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