Music is the Victim!!?

Ah, you have to do this. It's hilarious. GO BY THE RULES.

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that's playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Mine are:

Opening Credits:

Life Is Beautiful- SIXX:A.M.

Waking Up:

Disarm- Smashing Pumpkins

First Day of School:

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything- VeggieTales (Wow. LOL)

Falling in Love:

Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh

First Song:

Splish Splash- Bobby Darin

Fight Song:

No One Knows- Pendulum

Breaking Up:

Leave Me Alone- The Veronicas (Amazingly, that fits perfectly. Hmmm...)


Show Me The Money- Petey Pablo


Let It Die- Foo Fighters (Let life Die? HA!)

Mental Breakdown:

Real Life Fairytale- Plumb (Wow, I rock at this. Ha)


Superstition- Stevie Wonder


To Get Down- Timo Maas

Getting Back Together:

Papercut- Linkin Park


Shut Up and Let Me Go- The Ting Tings (Well, that works wonderfully... LOL)

Birth of Child:

Wake Up Call- Maroon 5

Final Battle:

Miss Murder- AFI (Well, that works)

Death Scene:

Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven

Funeral Song:

Fat Lip- Sum 41

End Credits:

Roxanne- From Moulin Rouge


Me And My Gang- Rascal Flatts


Poll: Pizza or Sushi

(You don't have to answer... this is so I don;t get deleted... Woopdidooha.)

Update 2:

† Ater Angellus †- It's a game! You don't have to choose the music, it's just whatever is randomly playing on your music player...


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  • 1 decade ago
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    opening credits: body on me-nelly and ashanti

    waking up:hey baby-no doubt

    first day of school: lips of an angel-hinder

    falling in love:bullets with butterfly wings-smashing pumpkins

    first song:one-metallica

    fight song:im just a kid-simple plan

    breaking up:kiss kiss-chris brown

    prom:sexy-69 boys

    life:jane fonda-mickey avalon

    mental breakdown:amili- lil wayne

    driving:s.e.x-lyfe jennings

    flashback:no scrub-tlc

    getting back together:dont cha-pcd

    wedding:your still the one-shania twain

    birth of child:bully-eminem

    final battle:kim-eminem

    death scene:pop bottles-lil wayne

    funeral song:first date-blink 182

    end credits:enter sandman-metallica

    bloopers:feelin myself-mac dre

  • 4 years ago

    I am not muc of a video person so I cannot comment on those. But in video games, it really just depends on the game. In the Grand Theft Auto games the portrayal of women was not just as victims but as worthless and disgusting. Dialogue such calling women "skanks" and "hos", beating women up, purse snatching, etc. DId it really add to the game? I suppose for some it was a way to act out, to release rage or anger towards women, which by the way is one of the things the critics don't like to admit about video games, they are actually conducive to releasing anger in a positive way. Other games however make the women the heros, Silent Hill, Resident Evil are a couple of examples of this. The women are so not victims, they kick but and emerge victorious (if you can play the game). Even better are games like World of Warcraft where the gender of your character is relatively unimportant to your quests, more important is the skills you give the character and how you proceed on your quests (yes I am a WOW nerd), these types of games are probably the best for equalizing gender in video games.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i don't completely understand but ok

    opening credits:

    breaking the habbit - linkin park

    waking up:

    sidewinder - avenged sevenfold

    first day of school(??):

    points of authority - linkin park

    falling in love:

    and all things will end - avenged sevenfold

    first song

    blow - atreyu

    fight song:

    world around you - papa roach

    breaking up:

    conflict - disturbed (lol)


    blinded in chains - avenged sevenfold


    not my god - heaven shall burn

    mental breakdown:

    violence fetish - disturbed


    seize the day - avenged sevenfold


    burn it down - avenged sevenfold

    getting back together:

    papercut - linkin park


    fire - papa roach (heh kinda fitting huh?)

    birth of child:

    nobodies listening - linkin park

    final Battle:

    crash - papa roach

    death scene:

    forever - papa roach

    funeral song:

    honor - atreyu

    ending credits:

    bleed well - H.I.M


    second heartbeat - avenged sevenfold

    Source(s): what is this...a soundtrack to life or somthing?
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