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best place to earn a BA in filmmaking?

where is the best place in the WORLD or usa to earn a BA in filmmaking and digital filmmaking and stuff.

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    Well, the first question you really need to ask yourself is why you want a BA in filmmaking in the first place?

    If you believe that a degree in filmmaking will "get" you a job in the business, just know (before going any farther) that it won't. The professional industry is driven primarily on "networking," that is, you will only get work when people know who you are and are confident in what you can do.

    The VERY best way to create a real career in the industry is to first learn how movies are actually made. Most schools and workshops (and most books) are out to sell you the dream.... they are there to teach you some "nuts & bolts" of how to make a short film, but little to no instruction on how to build a viable paying career in the real world. The book, What I Really Want to Do: On Set in Hollywood was designed specifically to provide that kind of information for those who aren't able to get an internship or take a decade or more to learn the business through trial & error.

    This isn't to say that filmschool or instruction is a bad thing. Just know that it isn't nearly enough if you're serious about creating a real career making movies for a living.

    That said, choose a filmschool based on what YOU want to do for a living. Some are stronger in "production" training while others concentrate on film theory. The best way for YOU to learn which is best for you is to contact those that interest you and talk to department heads and alumni.

    The MOST comprehensive list of worldwide filmschools anywhere is available at Just click on the "Filmschools" link at the top.

    Brian Dzyak


    Los Angeles, California

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    first answerer right on the bull's eye.

    NYU and USC have produced some of the most well known directors, actors/actresses, producers and screen writers in the industry.

    Sarah Lawrence in NY is pretty well known too.

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    The two best film schools are USC and NYU.

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