I need help with Biology...It's about Population Biology ..Somebody plz help me!!!?

1. A population of animals shows a sudden decline and then recovers. Using ecological principles, discuss two specific reasons why this might occur.

2.Give at least two reasons why it would be important for the planning board of a city to know the city's doubling time.

3. For what reasons would a school board need to refer to an age structure chart of the local community when planning a five year budget?

4. A small group of mice invaded a new habitat with unlimited resources and their population grew rapidly. A flood then swept through the habitat and three quarters of the mice were lost. Two months later, the population was increasing again. What role did the flood play for the mouse population? Draw a graph depicting the population history of this group.

5. Water hyacinth populations double in 6 to 18 days. Introduced in the 1880s, populations of this plant have clogged major waterways in several states. No predators for it exist in the U.S.Does this species have a J-shaped or an S-shaped growth pattern? Explain your choice.

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    These are essay questions child, you might have to put some thought into them.

    1) a) A disease kills 90 percent of the population. The ones left are resistant to the disease, and they build the population back up.

    1) b) A drought kills most of the crop that is the animal's principle food. Next year the crop harvest is bountiful, so the survivors prosper.


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