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Any mommys to be due from Feb 19-March 19?

How prepared are you? We are over half way done! Does everyone know the sex of your babies by now, or find out soon? Have your name picked out? I'm having a little girl and her name is Ellen kate :-) How much have you bought so far? I have about half of my stuff and I feel like I have so much already! All the big ticket items are bought. I'm so excited, I just can't help but shop and its fine if I get doubles then I will just return them and spend that money on things I need tons of like diapers!!! I am having a baby shower and my mother and best friend are working on the invitations now. Are people planning your baby showers yet? Anything else going on? I've been symptom free for a couple weeks and its gotten so easy/laid back!


Oh yeahh all my stuff is set up already too, the Crib is soo cute :-)

My shower is Jan 4th :-)

Update 2:

She has been kicking like crazy as well! Her daddy is very excited as he is a big soccer player :-P

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    I am due feb 15th I am pretty ready I don't need any more cloths and I have just about everything the bassinet is set up(i know soon) I am having a girl and i am going to name her Eva I don't know a middle name yet though I bought soooo much stuff I am running out of room..I just got done making baby shower invitations yesterday its going to be jan.10th my grandma is going to throw it for me... I cant wait I feel like time is going soooo slow but it will be here before I know it!! MY baby has been kicking all the time too!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!

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    Due Feb 28.

    Not very prepared, but I'm trying. Not good for a Type A personality haha I'm hating it.

    Its a boy. James Lee, calling him Jamie. (Father may request a second middle name or another nickname, but he's James Lee)

    I have bought a pack of colored cloth diapers and a super cute "Little Dragon" sleeper (His father's name means dragon in Korean so....) I was told to not get anything until after the shower by those throwing the shower.

    My sister, aunt, and aunt's best friend are planning my shower, so I don't have to worry about any of that, thank God I'm having enough trouble just getting excited to do the registry.

    Lol I have a few boughts of m/s again and he's kicking like crazy, and I'm hot all the time (normally I'm the one freezing in 75 degree weather haha).

    That's about it for us!

  • Im due March 14, and about 1/3 prepared working on it. I find out on November 29th, 25 weeks! Issac James or Kristen ....

    Congrats! xx

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    yes im due on march 10 a day before my birthday!!!! the baby is a boy and the only way that we are prepared is we have chosen his name to be jacob alan lol and this is our 5th baby!!!!! congrats and i like the name ellen kate it is pretty

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    lengthy time period in the past at the same time as i replaced into pregnant I felt she ought to arrive early yet i replaced into brought about at merely over 40 weeks yet putting forward that my daughter had no thoughts on toddler arriving early yet she gave delivery at merely over 36 weeks and an analogous which includes her 2d being pregnant, solid success

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    on all ur Q's no no and no. lol. like my 1st child i'll wait till the bundle of joy comes into the world.

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