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Need help with my Dish Network Satelite! 2nd tv not working.?

I switched my satelite service to Dish Network and a technican came out to my house and hooked the system up. He couldnt get my 2nd tv to even work and said there was nothing else he could do [[which i thought was complete B.S.]] and he left. I called the company and they said the same thing. I started fooling around with it and got it to work but the ONLY problem is the picture is really snowy and staticy. How can i fix this problem?? T.v. 1 works PERFECT.. its just tv 2 thats snowy. Need HELP PLZZZZ!!

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    if you have a dual tuner receiver, the tv2 receives it's picture and sound through a selected channel, called a modulator.

    the default channel is CH 60, in air mode. if you got it to work on this channel, and it is snowy, then perhaps you should try another channel. at tv1, press menu, system setup, installation, modulator. toggle over and change from air to cable. this will default the channel to 73. select done and go into your tv2 room. you will need to enter the tv's menu to change the tv's tuner from air to cable. then put the tv on ch 73.

    if this does not help, try other channels. you may also check the connections on the back of the tv and the back of the receiver. make sure everything is screwed on tightly. also, if you have tv2's signal going through a vcr, it must either be off, and your tv on the right channel, or you can have your tv on 3, and your vcr on with the vcr's channel on the selected modulator channel.

    the installer also might have used diplexers, and they may have been hooked up wrong. there are a lot of things he might have done wrong. he shouldn't have left without the tv working, though. i'd call and make a complaint.

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    Moved tv from condo that had hopper to just dish network cannot get anything but hopper advertisement none of channels that are on main tv changed zip code and satellite and still all about hopper I do not have hopper!

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    not all tv s will work for tv 2 . how old is it ? if it didn't come w/ a remote when it was new, probably too old, if the ant connection has two screws instead of a single threaded connection or has both , you can buy an rf adapter at radio shack for a couple of bucks

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    I often end up submitting the same question on other sites

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    Not completely sure about this one

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