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Have you ever met in person a very famous person.....?

If you have ever met a very famous person, would you share with us? I have met, and been in the home of, the famous author, Pearl Buck. What a priviledge. How about you?

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    Here are a few who come to mind of the ones I have met:

    1. Roger Whittaker - pop singer form the 70s

    2. Steve Winwood - rock singer from the 80s

    3. Danny Thomas - actor, comedian

    4. Marlo Thomas - daughter of above, actor

    5. Ted Bessels - co star of "That Girl, 70's TV shoe," actor

    6. Freddie Fender - c & w singer - "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights."

    7. Ann Murray - singer

    8. Faye Dunaway - actor

    9. Warren Oats - actor

    10. Jerry Lewis - actor

    11. Bob Wills - western swing band leader (Texas Playboys)

    12. Tommy Duncan - singer in above mentioned band - "Rose of San Antonio" was best known song

    13. Wanda Jackson - c & w singer from the 60s

    14. Patsy Cline - singer

    15. Janet Joplin - singer

    16. Jimmy Johnson - sports announcer and former coach of the Dallas Cowboys

    17. Shields and Yarnell - mimes from the 70s

    18. Tony Dorsett - formerly of the Dallas Cowboys

    19. Roger Staubach - formerly of the Dallas Cowboys

    I'm sure there may be a few more who escape me at the moment, but none of the above were what I would call people I sought out to meet, but just happened to meet in my travels. ....and there's an honest story behind each and every one.

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    Wow Pearl S. Buck? Holy Makarena. That's fantastic. But how old are you. You don't look a day over 29. haha. Yes, I certainly have. Quite a few. Oh my gosh just way so many but um haha I don't know if it's appropriate just yet nor here of all places. Oh well haha... Wow Pearl S. Buck. That is so wonderful.

    Source(s): Mostly people I knew when growing up. Some I lived or just worked with, while others, well I been trying to write a book myself for the longest time but having a bit of trouble alone with it. Mostly in the art world, publishing, fashion and entertainment industry.
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    Don King

    Peabo Bryson

    Russell Simmons

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    Yes, I used to work in an airport. Famous people came in every once in a while. I met Gerald Lavert, Lil' Wayne and Trina and I can't remember his name, but he played David Ruffin in the movie "The Temptations". I think his name is Leon something. He wears some tight a** clothes, but he is sexy though!!

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    Hi Regina!

    I actually went to school in Burbank California with Ron Howard! Also his brother Cliff Howard- this was between Opie & Happy Days. We called him Opie (and I have to admit it was in a teasing sort of way). I have also spent the evening with Dewey Dorough who is the former sax player for the Oakridge Boys (16 years)- he is the stepfather of a friend of ours and was playing (after he left the O.R.B.) at a little supper club in our town (in TN) and we had dinner with him. What was really neat was my husbands family was in town so they got to enjoy the evening as well. This was about 7-8 years ago & they still tell all of their friends!

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    Pearl Buck? wow. i would have killed to have met her. lucky you!

    in college i met Sebastian Cabot and Victor Buono, both of who came to perform. as a security guard, i have met: Sammy Davis Jr, Bernadette Peters, Joe Louis (he was HUGE, no way i'd step into the ring with him), the Statler Brothers, the Oak Ridge Boys, Barbara Eden (sex-eeeeeeee), Charlie Pride, Liza Minelli, Muhammad Ali, Joe DiMaggio, Groucho Marx (physically frail, still razor sharp mind), and i knocked Soupy Sales on his keister at the St Louis Airport. (not on purpose). at the same airport, saw Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert (didn't meet them) and in Las Vegas, i had a chance to SING with the Platters, but i chickened out. been KICKING MYSELF EVER SINCE!

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    I once ran into the reverend Al Sharpton. Literally. I was in a Barnes and Nobles (book store) that he happened to be shopping at with his crew. Neither of us was looking where we were going and we collided. Not hard or anything, but we both laughed and said, "Excuse me sir, I wasn't watching where I was going" at the same time, we had a little laugh, he shook my hand and we went our separate ways. He and his crew have the nicest suits I think I've ever seen!

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    Dear Regina!

    Pearl S. Buck! Fantastic! I read and loved some of her books... She was a great woman and she won the Nobel prize in literature!

    I have met, many years ago, the President of my country, Brazil, and he asked me to dance with him!

    Thank God a friend of mine took a picture of such a memorable moment!

    He was a great man, the one responsible for the building of the new capital of Brazil, Brasília, in the heart of the country, in the middle of nowhere!

    God bless you!

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    Johnny Galecki (David from Roseanne) at a Smashing Pumpkins concert and the band Eisley.

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    I met Joe Namath briefly and Neil Sedaka!!Wow, Pearl Buck huh? You're VERY lucky!!!

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